the advances in fursuit making over the past like 30 years is crazy when you think about it.
starting out with modified mascot & fetish costumes, the explosion of home made amature suits & cosplay, hobbyists developing patterns and molds, & now electronics, magnets, cooling vests.
kinda wild it's all just people who wanna dress up like fake animals and act like a dumbass

I have no idea what the average age & involvement with the fandom people who follow me are but the difference between the average fursuit made today and suits from the 90s is massive, a lot of them were just basic bodysuits and a mascot style head

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Stuff like this was top notch back in 1996, I've seen a lot of stuff that looks more 80s special effects, mascot head + kink gear was a look, and a lot of more cosplay type stuff.
Thank god we've collectively abandoned body paint

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@Nerts Some hobbyist is gonna make a Protogen fursuit that passes the Turing test completely by accident.

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