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Hi, I'm Andrea (but Nerts is still fine)
New name & new fursona to go along with a couple other new things about me :V
(Extremely excellent snep art by @Ficus !)

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Gonna do an toot now that I feel settled in here!
I'm Nerts, I'm a big queer furry anarchist in the UK :heart_sparkles_pride:
I'm bad at talking about myself, a big fan of sci-fi, especially transhumanist and cyberpunk stuff, retro 80s aesthetics, tabletop gaming is basically my main hobby now days, nazi punks fuck off
Here's some selfies and my fursona :yell:

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Hey, a trans charity near me has some kick ass merchandise, I'd appreciate it if you guys would take a look and I'm pretty sure you guys appreciate cool pins and dice. Shipping to the US should be pretty cheap too

A libertarian is just a Republican who takes drugs.
-- Bob Black

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yall ever punch a dude so hard he thought he was ok until he had to call ambulance a few hours and needs a liver transplant

there's a spell for making someone's internal organs rot and I'm pretty sure it's touch range, that'd be an impressive punch

Physical mask, creates an illusion over you allowing you to disguise your voice, appearance, feel, etc with someone of a similar build, touch range spell so you can punch someone and have them turn into someone else

Hmmm, there's an adept mastery thing in shadowrun that lets you cast touch range spells by punching people in their chakras, but the vast majority of touch spells are buffs and heals
could make a support & melee character that solves every tactical situation by punching someone, including themselves

my character in this SR game is a wolf and one of the other characters has cat as a mentor spirit so I think I'm obligated to throw hands at some point

I mean you get actual error messages that say what the problem is now but it was funny

I kinda miss when all the error messages on this instance where "Oops! we had a little fuckywucky!"

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