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Hi, I'm Andrea (but Nerts is still fine)
New name & new fursona to go along with a couple other new things about me :V
(Extremely excellent snep art by @Ficus !)

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Gonna do an toot now that I feel settled in here!
I'm Nerts, I'm a big queer furry anarchist in the UK :heart_sparkles_pride:
I'm bad at talking about myself, a big fan of sci-fi, especially transhumanist and cyberpunk stuff, retro 80s aesthetics, tabletop gaming is basically my main hobby now days, nazi punks fuck off
Here's some selfies and my fursona :yell:

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Hey, a trans charity near me has some kick ass merchandise, I'd appreciate it if you guys would take a look and I'm pretty sure you guys appreciate cool pins and dice. Shipping to the US should be pretty cheap too

Being a cat
- pets
- tail
- can sleep anywhere
- no thumbs
- serving Satan seems less than ideal
- keyboards are the wrong size

I mean, this is how I apparently come across, so...

[ A commission I got from [email protected] ]

face tanking exploding golems right now since all their stuff is reflex saves and I have improved evasion

no ine has to care if I licked the spoon and put it in the tub if ice-cream, if I eat the whole tub

In Mario Kart Wii, the poles around the finish line in the N64 Sherbet Land track have a gradient coloring. In an inventive case of asset reuse, the poles do not have their own texture; instead, the letter "I" from the banner is mapped onto them, producing the gradient.

still thinking about that guy who commissioned art of their fursona literally guiding Gavrilo Princip's hands when he shot Franz Ferdinand since someone mentioned it to me earlier

When the furrycon parties start getting rowdy and your roommate wonโ€™t let you back in your hotel room.

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