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Hi, I'm Andrea (but Nerts is still fine)
New name & new fursona to go along with a couple other new things about me :V
(Extremely excellent snep art by @Ficus !)

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Gonna do an toot now that I feel settled in here!
I'm Nerts, I'm a big queer furry anarchist in the UK :heart_sparkles_pride:
I'm bad at talking about myself, a big fan of sci-fi, especially transhumanist and cyberpunk stuff, retro 80s aesthetics, tabletop gaming is basically my main hobby now days, nazi punks fuck off
Here's some selfies and my fursona :yell:

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Hey, a trans charity near me has some kick ass merchandise, I'd appreciate it if you guys would take a look and I'm pretty sure you guys appreciate cool pins and dice. Shipping to the US should be pretty cheap too

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I've never seen any other game do this but in hellMOO your character could get knocked out by blunt damage which was bad since you couldn't do anything, but your character also hallucinated, you got stuck in a dream sequence the whole time.
It was a cool as hell way to keep player knowledge and character knowledge the same, you as a player were disoriented and freaking out when your character came to

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Forgot to post this when I got it, but my Patreon reward from Fleurfurr last month was new art of my snep character Katie. I think he did a wonderful job :3

(yes, wearing a trenchcoat literally makes you edgier)

so like older editions SR6 has no rules on how much stuff you can actually carry at once and the concealability rules when you're not getting a pat down are... generous

(you need a success on perception to notice the full size AK and three successes for anything other than that, and I get edge on the roll for wearing a trenchcoat, git gud)

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can you imagine my disappointment when I learned a *punk band* named VIOLENT FEMMES was an all-male band

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there's a lot of things I could complain about in SR 6e but they clearly know their audience when punk furries are an example for the distinctive style quality

trying to be rebellious and cool but keeps going "back in my day we didn't need a cyberjack, datajacks were all we needed, if you were some big shot you'd get a datajack plus"

just realised there's a time jump between 5th and 6th edition, if I'm keeping it the same Cap she's 29 or 30 now, even my RPG characters are getting older than they want to be

sex and drugs and attack rolls 

I'm back on my bullshit and making furries in shadowrun
friend of mine is running a 6e heist game so I'm bringing one of my old decker characters back from the dead and playing Captain ACAB, wolf changeling who dresses like a goth girl Captain Harlock cosplay, makes puns constantly and's default setting is having an outburst

I should use this more people here are nice

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die hard
die hard 2
die hard with a vengeance
fellas is it gay to die hard

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