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Hey, a trans charity near me has some kick ass merchandise, I'd appreciate it if you guys would take a look and I'm pretty sure you guys appreciate cool pins and dice. Shipping to the US should be pretty cheap too

oh hey, I'm the GM, I can use the stupid 3rd party stuff I like

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In the wake of last night's announcement that skeleton characters are now furries, I've received a wave of questions. Some frequently asked:
Q: Does my skeleton character now need to wear cat ears?
A: No, you can get a waiver for that if you would like it to be dog ears instead.

Q: Do I require a tail?
A: Tailbones technically count, so you're all set.

Q: What if my character is not a skeleton, but simply a magical, talking or telepathic skull? Am I a furry?
A: Yes.

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don't message me while I'm sleeping, I'll wake up, check my phone, fall asleep, totally forget about it and now it's marked read

highlights of that game include:
gay crush on a team mate
stealing a samurai's katana and getting a haiku death threat
using illusion magic to look like her fursona at the zoo & posing at the wolf exhibit

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I rediscovered the mood board thing I made for Luna, a goth chaos mage I played in a shadowrun game
she was fun to play, mechanically I built her to be able to open a can of whoop ass on other mages but ended up a lot of fun as a character, a big chunk of the conflict in that game was from me making emotional decisions rather than "smart" ones & trying to avoid consequences for stealing things people had emotional connections to
maybe I should get someone to draw her

tbh I don't really get the whole kin thing I can barely relate to characters I've custom made for myself to relate to sometimes

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darkest dungeon mods cover everything you'd want, you've got the whole range of bullshit "rebalance" mods, sexy armour mods, ones to make the game easier, ones that add new enemies, ones that resize all the female characters hands to be smaller, yknow normal things

enjoying the change from "what if dinosaurs had feathers" to "what if dinosaurs were thicc like penguins & hippos"

getting asked for ID trying to buy energy drinks is the only thing that makes me feel young any more

walking past someone's house and this youtube app invites me to start playing my recommendations on their unsecured smart TV

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this afternoon's highlights:
visibly annoying my cousins by calling Jesus "the big fella"
my grandmother interrupting them saying something homophobic with "well what business is it of yours anyway?"

ah, disposable income, how I've missed you

glad to see Steam's stopped calling people the G word

macro/hyper titty furry art 

ough I should've taken the dog out for a walk before you decided to get drunk

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