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Hi, I'm Andrea (but Nerts is still fine)
New name & new fursona to go along with a couple other new things about me :V
(Extremely excellent snep art by @Ficus !)

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Gonna do an toot now that I feel settled in here!
I'm Nerts, I'm a big queer furry anarchist in the UK :heart_sparkles_pride:
I'm bad at talking about myself, a big fan of sci-fi, especially transhumanist and cyberpunk stuff, retro 80s aesthetics, tabletop gaming is basically my main hobby now days, nazi punks fuck off
Here's some selfies and my fursona :yell:

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Hey, a trans charity near me has some kick ass merchandise, I'd appreciate it if you guys would take a look and I'm pretty sure you guys appreciate cool pins and dice. Shipping to the US should be pretty cheap too

New meme template: Enlightened (Centrist) Yoda.

The name of the original creator *cough* @shoofle *cough* had been redacted, and the lab where this abomination was created had been sealed.

You are now in the presence of the biggest disturbance in the Force since Palpatine. Be afraid, be very afraid.

for my no straight colonists rimworld challenge run, I've downloaded a mod that includes some medical stuff and one of the things lets you reroll mental traits on colonists and I'm using it for Entirely Ethical Purposes

nsfw art giveaway 

phrenology/transphobia shitpost 

a himbo is a dude who thinks you're asking about his gym routine when he hears "thought exercise"

trying to decide if refusing to draw trans characters becuase they're "fetish" material or drawing trans characters and insisting your fetishising is good actually is worse

like if you don't want to draw horny art of bodies that make you uncomfortable sure, but when you draw SFW art too and have a blanket ban on trans characters & lump them in with a bunch of sexualised slurs, uhhhh don't do that, thanks

love it when I find nice art and check out who drew it and their commission info has "any kind of [slur]/[slur]/[slur]/trans characters" down as something that they won't draw
surprised you can still get far in the fandom doing commissions with that kind of attitude tbh

Um Jammer Lammy is extremely late 90s but THE most late 90s thing about it is that the american release had every mention of hell removed from it but the plane crash cut scene stayed in

advantages of being a digital animal person:
main reason why Parappa is still cool despite rhyming "hippity hop y'all" with "pippity pop y'all"

why is all the promo stuff for Mechwarrior 5 gritty gruff voiced dudes telling me about ACTION and DAMAGE and SALVAGE POINTS, that doesn't really fill me with confidence on the tone staying the same as the older games

Aleister Crowly's Ouija board looks like it was made by da share z0ne

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