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Hi! I'm Naux. I'm a bi, leftist, and very tired grey wolf from the North Shore of Massachusetts.

I like talking about tabletop games, fighting games, giant robots, Warframe, synthwave, and just about anything in between. Feel free to hit me up if you're into any of those things!

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Fighting games I'm currently playing:
-Samurai Shodown
-Guilty Gear Rev2

Tabletop games I'm either currently GMing or interested in playing:
-Blades in the Dark
-A Quiet Year
-Apocalypse World
-Mobile Frame Zero: Firebrands

I may be looking to GM various one-shots in the future, so if you've got an interest in any of those games, drop me a message.

I wish everybody knew about

when "hey you should read article! [link]" leads you to some hideous monstrosity of popups, autoplaying videos, and begging for/demanding money to read the damn text, you can instead:

1. copy the URL
2. paste it into the box
3. enjoy reading the actual text
4. (optional) say "not today, Satan"

sometimes it doesn't work, for some mysterious, unexplained reason. sometimes chokes on NYT articles, for example, but other times if I close the tab it's in, open an new tab, and try pasting the url again, it works, so.

anyway yeah! spread the news!

Friday night baybee, time to heat up some mashed potatoes and listen to Byakuya's theme for 17 minutes

NSFW art, M/M hotdogging 

UNIST shitpost 

Oh hey - the neighborhood fox is snoozing out in my back yard


Hahahahaha the Expanse season 4 is out but it's Prime only, go eat shit Amazon


the 12th :3 (oh gods I've missed so many days)

Today's rolled prompt:

Picked up more merch and less art at MFF this time around, but I did get a sketch of my Blaziken from Graveycat and I'm still stunned by how powerful she looks. 馃挭馃敟馃悢

Horizon Zero Dawn shitpost 

self driving cars, pedestrian dread, death mention 

self driving cars, pedestrian dread, death mention 

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