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Alright, doin' one of these for pinning purposes

Tabletop RPGs I play or am looking to play in 2021:
-Blades in the Dark
-Trophy Dark
-Beam Saber
-Armour Astir Advent
-Mobile Suit Zero: Firebrands

...and a whole smattering of Forged in the Dark games, including
-Brightest Things We Know
-Band of Blades
-Moth Light
-Into the Dark

If you want to know more about any of these, or are interested in playing any of them, reach out to me!

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Fighting games I'm playing or learning in 2021:

-Guilty Gear (Rev2, +R, and Strive [soon])
-Street Fighter V
-Killer Instinct
-Lethal League Blaze
-Windjammers (and Windjammers 2, hopefully)

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Posting for pinning purposes

Just so you know what you're getting into if you follow me, I occasionally post about tabletop games, titanfall, model building, writing, and fursona art

But more often than not this account just gets used as a horny thought pressure release valve

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Hi! I'm Naux. I'm a bi, leftist, and very tired grey wolf from the North Shore of Massachusetts.

I like talking about tabletop games, fighting games, giant robots, Warframe, synthwave, and just about anything in between. Feel free to hit me up if you're into any of those things!

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stream promo, horror tabletop games 

midgame Metroid Dread enemies 

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alcohol, vr chat 

Hmmm. What to do tonight.

Might get on vrchat tonight since I'm not streaming

Very proud of this vista, in more ways than one. [2021]

Stream schedule update 

Hmm. Extremely bashed my face into a wall in Metroid Dread after getting the the ice missiles. Genuinely not sure where to go next.

Tabletop stream promo, looking for players 

I now have ten more missiles in Metroid Dread thanks to @kat

Tabletop stream promo, looking for players 

Stream promo 

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