I relate strongly with that song as I, too, don't want to work

How is there not a bongo cat of Bang The Drum All Day

We adopted another corgi puppy. Kinda - spur of the moment.

Her name is Toast. :>

I've been pretty quiet for the last day or so. How have you all been today?

Also i got this art from Kresendoe on twitter!! Adrian showing off that tongue piercing a lil

@fariparedes are u implying that there is a limit to the number of possums this instance can host?

you are sadly mistaken :possum_rawr: :possum: :possum_rawr: :possum: :possum_rawr: :possum:

When you’re feeling sad and someone asks if you want to go get food

+700 visor helmet concept + examples for canids, hyaenas, felines, deer, and birds 🐺🦌🐦
#Mastoart #furry #anthro #p700

FA bit.ly/2Tjceoo
WSL bit.ly/2DpSQQU

i accidentally screenshared my full desktop during a meeting and i had to explain this to my boss

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