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Just so you know what you're getting into if you follow me, I occasionally post about tabletop games, titanfall, model building, writing, and fursona art

But more often than not this account just gets used as a horny thought pressure release valve

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Hi! I'm Naux. I'm a bi, leftist, and very tired grey wolf from the North Shore of Massachusetts.

I like talking about tabletop games, fighting games, giant robots, Warframe, synthwave, and just about anything in between. Feel free to hit me up if you're into any of those things!

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can someone point me towards places i can get trans masc information (especially black people), im just like. already exhausted even trying to wade through some of the things and im already anxious beyond measure cause something was v not kind last time i checked

Just a privacy reminder that instead of using #Google Translate, that you can use

It's not perfect, it's still a private company and isn't open source, but its translations are comparable and privacy-wise it's drastically better than using the Google panopticon.


#privacy #google #deepl #translation

Umurangi Generation 

XCOM Chimera Squad 

nsfw hyper 

Looking at SSD drives took me down a rabbit hole and now I'm cackling at the fact that I could go full gamer-brain and get an RGB M2 heatsink

Gofundme (not for me), death mention, boosts appreciated 

NSFW art, M solo 

*Sky Pilot Asensio on the left, Firion Rok on the right.

*Last we drew these two, Sky Pilot had different arms, and Firion was a good foot shorter.

Hey :> ! Been a while since I logged here but here's some art update uvu

My big girl Qalaari o/
#MastoArt #art #oc #zellk

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