character interactions in mortal kombat are like

A: real shame steve jobs died of ligma
B: who's steve jobs
A: ligma balls
B: what

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Just inject Dutch paintings of the sea directly into my veins tbh

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Like I have legit been avoiding survival missions for months because I'm sorry, sometimes I just don't want to play 45 minutes of Warframe on a single mission.
But now you don't have to worry about that! Which rules!

So I knew that a while ago Warframe had changed defense and interception so that players could leave independent of the squad, but until this week I didn't realize they'd done the same for survival missions and extraction. And holy shit, that is *so nice*.

I dont know who this 800 pound gorilla is but i hope he has fun on the journey to prove whatever is his hearts desire

selling wares like an 800 pound Khajiit with something to prove

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Okay. Time off this week was definitely called for, and appreciated.

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