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Fighting games I'm currently playing:
-Samurai Shodown
-Guilty Gear Rev2

Tabletop games I'm either currently GMing or interested in playing:
-Blades in the Dark
-A Quiet Year
-Apocalypse World
-Mobile Frame Zero: Firebrands

I may be looking to GM various one-shots in the future, so if you've got an interest in any of those games, drop me a message.

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Hi! I'm Naux. I'm a bi, leftist, and very tired grey wolf from the North Shore of Massachusetts.

I like talking about tabletop games, fighting games, giant robots, Warframe, synthwave, and just about anything in between. Feel free to hit me up if you're into any of those things!

Neofeud is a game about my experiences growing up Native Hawaiian in Hawaii's ghetto, being a social worker & STEM teacher for poor, homeless, mostly non-white kids in the slums of Hawaii the tour buses avoid. (100% of sales help keep a roof over my kids' head!)
Happy indigenous people's day!

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According to the display on this train, it is "2019 March 89 82:91PM"

Nothing like nearly getting hit by a car while crossing at a stop sign to start your week

Apropos of nothing: now that I have a Gundam t-shirt I should probably actually watch some Gundam.

Oh shit, it's october, which means it's the perfect time to start listening to this playlist again

Please enjoy this lil sketch of Raik cosplaying Dr. Baldhead Faust from Guilty Gear

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There's a nor'easter rolling in so there's a real end-of-the-world feeling in the air this morning

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FYI we do have a status page where you can monitor system uptime, Wasabi is making me look bad :skyweary:

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Oh jeeze, In The Tall Grass is out on netflix.

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