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Light nudity, full ref sheet for Trinity 

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If I havent already added you on there do any of yall have a switch and want to be friends??
My code is SW-2062-1677-8225 btw

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Hello new folks (and old), I'm Anna (or Rose!). I'm 23 and gay af (somewhere between bi and lesbian, idk) and my pronouns are she/they (still figuring out my gender too whoops). I have two fursonas, Trinity (left) & Ophelia (right).

I love to write and draw, my goal is to make a video game (pref a visual novel) or write a book. I can be a little shy and anxious, so if I don't respond right away please understand.

:heart_sparkles_pride: Love y'all :heart_sparkles_pride:

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used a dorky grad photo of me and my friend to draw our sonas for artfight!

Left character (Beef) belongs to Southpauz (tumblr)

this is the best furry art i've done in a while, i'm done but i'm proud!

Finally getting back into artfight mode and drawing for a friend!

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Mh, work, add maybe?? (-) 

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There is a homestuck troll underneath this 

It keeps saying it's going to rain and it doesnt, pls release me from this humid hell


dragon age 2 

Horny, NSFW, Porn, R-18, etc 

I'm so tired guess I'm gonna give in and buy a soda

Rose: 0 Caffeine addiction: 1

Actual controversial take: "Just Google it" was never great advice, especially for contested topics (e.g. global warming), because Google customizes search results, and it's only going to prove less useful as Google's customization efforts create stronger filter bubbles.

I started putting prints on my wall!!!! I'm running out of poster strips and I'm only halfway done!!!

Rain is bad so dnd got cancelled and I am the sad's cancelling for MEN (not all men)

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