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If I havent already added you on there do any of yall have a switch and want to be friends??
My code is SW-2062-1677-8225 btw

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I'm unlocking this account because I still want my posts to be seen. Still 18+ only and any nsfw posts will be marked as followers only and locked. Any minors who try to follow WILL be blocked.

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Hello new folks (and old), I'm Anna (or Rose!). I'm 23 and gay af (somewhere between bi and lesbian, idk) and my pronouns are she/they (still figuring out my gender too whoops). I have two fursonas, Trinity (left) & Ophelia (right).

I love to write and draw, my goal is to make a video game (pref a visual novel) or write a book. I can be a little shy and anxious, so if I don't respond right away please understand.

:heart_sparkles_pride: Love y'all :heart_sparkles_pride:

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Trinity. My main fursona, arctic fox kitsune.

(Marked as sensitive for simple nudity nothing too nsfw)

[To the tunes of shots] PAWS PAWS PAWS PAWS PAWS PAWS

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andrew hussie ruined my fucking life

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Your body doesn’t come with a warranty and that’s bullshit. Guess you’ll just have to mod it yourself.

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A comm by the lovely @museia_ over on twitter! The heart glasses were her idea and they're SUPER CUTE

When they catch you for being too thicc in public

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