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Hello new folks (and old), I'm Anna (or Rose!). I'm 23 and gay af (somewhere between bi and lesbian, idk) and my pronouns are she/they (still figuring out my gender too whoops). I have two fursonas, Trinity (left) & Ophelia (right).

I love to write and draw, my goal is to make a video game (pref a visual novel) or write a book. I can be a little shy and anxious, so if I don't respond right away please understand.

:heart_sparkles_pride: Love y'all :heart_sparkles_pride:

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Trinity. My main fursona, arctic fox kitsune.

(Marked as sensitive for simple nudity nothing too nsfw)

♩♩YOLO, YOLO. ♩♬.. A millenials life for meeee ♪♬ ......

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I accidentally made my little sister a furry years ago and she found out about the chibis I've drawn and made me draw one of her millions of fursonas.

Me? Obsessed with social media? Unfortunately true.

if y'all are homestuck come find me @Lalonde ! I'm not leaving the tho i love it here. I'm just gonna also be hanging out there too!

Things I miss about college: I cant just walk 5 minutes to the student center to get bagel bites when I crave them

H.R.E.A.M. (homestuck rules everything around me)

home stuck is home stuck for home stuck voters. please boost.

I think I've pavloved myself into wanting a code red every morning when I get to work. Fuck.

ask your doctor if homestuck is right for you

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