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@[email protected] I blame your current FFBE luck on your adorable moominsona



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"I should make this year the year I dedicate to improving my credit score and finances"

>Roommates: "BTW we're looking for a house to live on our own now that we're engaged and we're probably only going to be here another year"

Wow the timing for today. Honestly just wish I didn't have a migraine. lol. Looks like GRS is 100% off the table.

I've legit had Post-Traumatic on repeat all day.

To whoever mentioned Mike Shinoda's Post-Traumatic on my feed, fuck you I'm not crying you're crying (Thank you for letting me know about this album holy shit)

I still use the fwoomp face icon i got from @[email protected] on discord and my Maplestory guild finally got a good look at it thanks to a bot command that enlarged the icon and got a bunch of compliments on how cute it looks. Ashii is hella valid.

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God I love these little beans. So glad I finally got to Arcana.

Hello values shoppers! This is your local Fresh CAP Supervisor here to tell you that at Wal-Mart, we are NOT a panoptic cult. :)

We here at Walmart always have a Wonderful WallyWorld Day at the Wonderful World of WallyWorld where everyday is a Fun Fantastic Wacky Wonderful WallyWorld Day. :)

And remember, who's Number One? YOU, the customer, Always.

Decided finally try fortnite on mobile. I think i might play this season just for trans girl cat girl.

Seeing @[email protected] 's switchbuppy makes me wanna get back to taking apart controllers and repainting them.

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