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This is one of my favorite pictures of me ever taken, from my first time doing all my makeup myself and then presenting femme to strangers. I really love this pic, I wanna get furry draw-over art of maple of this pic

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"transgender leftist furry" isn't where i thought i would be at age 22 but im so happy it's where i am now

trying really REALLY hard to draw rn but my hand and wrist are very stiff and cramped so im trying to do some stretches

@ other artists what do u recommend

hi lads good news i got another interview next week

Key points I could talk about:

-thin airfoil theory vs vortex panel theory for calculating lift
-does vortex theory hold for very viscous, low-speed flow (hypothesis: yes)
-some fun with computational fluid Dynamics
-maximizing the span efficiency of your paper airplane

Just thought of a really cool senior project that I wish I'd done (instead of the one I wound up doing)

Effects of winglets and wing tip vortices on paper airplanes

Bitching about job stuff Show more

Bitching about job stuff Show more

Hey other trans girls does massaging your breasts actually make them grow more

Trying very hard to save my last $130 for groceries and not blow it all on furry art

Need to be at least a DD cup by the time anthrocon rolls around so I can wear my partial fursuit with my PHAT titties hanging out

I'm tired and crabby about the nasa internship


Extremely sad to lose a member of the community like this

But I'm happy to see everyone coming together to celebrate this man's life

I feel inspired to live my life to the fullest and love my friends as much as I can. I hope you do too.

Life is precious

*writes a message on the ground outside of furaffinity*
Try horse, but hole

me, every single day: okay this is gonna be the LAST time i order taco bell on door dash

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