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This is one of my favorite pictures of me ever taken, from my first time doing all my makeup myself and then presenting femme to strangers. I really love this pic, I wanna get furry draw-over art of maple of this pic

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"transgender leftist furry" isn't where i thought i would be at age 22 but im so happy it's where i am now

Basil.... Please..... I need that piece of paper you are sitting on

im feeling much better than i was yesterday but ooooogh i still dont wanna study or work on school shit at all

upsol (-) 

Stay tight, have each other's backs, make plans, and make them pay.

There is no longer any choice but direct action.

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decided i'm going to take it easy today, tomorrow, the rest of the week, i don't know how long.

but at least for today, i'm taking it easy.

i'll get back to taking care of work/school/etc when i feel up to it

mental health 

i guess the solution for now is to take it easy and take a mental health day, again, but like

i'm in grad school! i'm behind on all of my shit! i don't have time to take more mental health days!!! AAAAAAAAAAAA

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mental health 

sorry i only ever use this website for mental health posts but like whatever

anyone else barely clinging to their sanity by the skin of their teeth?

like i get so goddamn FRUSTRATED at myself for struggling with feeling overwhelmed. it's this nagging sense of "oh, this shit AGAIN, huh?"

God I fucking love being a dog I vibe with it so fucking hard

Is this what the cool kids call "kinning" or is that something else


Bark bark bark bark bark bark woof woof woof arf arf arf bark!!!

Been busting my ass studying all of the last few days. It feels great to be getting stuff done! But oh my fucking God I need a break ;A;

I'm gay and I want attention 

I'm thinking about.... Furry girls

This was one of my final ArtFight pieces this year, and it still feels like one of my best works to-date

CW'd b/c artistic nudity; nothing explicit

never forget that git is so complicated that i managed to accidentally push a change request to change "toots" to "yiffs" on the mainline mastodon branch


This is Argent, my cobra snake sona I made last summer ('19) to replace Dyrim

Since then I've pretty much entirely shifted my drawing focus over to muscle anatomy and beefy scalies haha

Anyways, pretty proud of his design! Lots of blues w/ strong gold accents :3

First 🎨 by me, 2nd by @/AmonSyd on twitter!

Wait what the fuck is happening with snouts dot online

Current events but in a positive way 

We are popping the BIGGEST bottles when trump dies of covid

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