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This is one of my favorite pictures of me ever taken, from my first time doing all my makeup myself and then presenting femme to strangers. I really love this pic, I wanna get furry draw-over art of maple of this pic

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"transgender leftist furry" isn't where i thought i would be at age 22 but im so happy it's where i am now

Moving stuff down three flights of stairs and now my body feels like I just got done with a really intense workout

I'm tired

Can't wait for the gay space future where we all wear skintight uniforms

Getting towed is making me so paranoid like I literally deadass just walked outside to check that my car was still where I parked

I got my car towed today it was bullshit

I got my car back but to do so I had to borrow money off a friend and wisneindirje ugh

If you operate a tow truck company then you're kinda evil!!

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i think i may still be PMS ing because this big gay energy is coming extremely out of nowhere and is a lil overwhelming rn but overwhelming in a good way

im just a big gay sappy bitch and i love my friends

also when people call me Maple instead of Naomi thats a big uwu mood

every time someone calls me "smart" or "sweet" or "kind" or "talented" i fucking melt inside jkaskl;fdjk;asldfk;lasdfasd aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

I still think it’s really funny how back in brawl and s4 falco would say “personally I prefer the air” as he got in his landmaster like “hey falco say something Cool for your final smash” “no fuck you I hate this thing”

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