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I've put together a description of my new fursona that I'm seeking to commission art for at

venting about gay representation 

I don't understand all these connection problems I'm having with two index headsets now, Steam Support has ultimately proven useless beyond sending me another headset that doesn't even work out of the box

"Tether disconnected at headset" then explain how windows downloaded the drivers fir it again when I deleted them!

Okay, I got a second "economic impact payment" of $600

I keep hearing other people who i know have actual pressing concerns say they're still waiting on payments like this, but I get them easily for some reason

I think I would prefer morning shifts
It's like getting shit out of the way first, and no night driving

Oh great, the Seether guy is some anti-pc chud

US Pol 

Sometimes I tap on a picture that's very unpleasant to look at at full size

It is then that I am unable to correctly tap the little back arrow

I just realized the day of the state primary is the day I have a wonky shift that starts at 10am

10am to 7pm and the polling place hours are 7am to 8pm

Why do people think tarantulas aren't venomous?

This seems like it might be kind of pervasive among youtubers?

Where did this bit of misinformation come from?

I'm the sort of person who gets upset over losing access to something, even if I don't like it that much

What's happening with FA right now makes me think it might go away soon, and the fact that it doesn't really bother me seems telling

So, we picked up the car, it doesn't seem to have any real damage beyond the bumper being tore off and snow got stuffed up in there, plus the other bumper has a little split in it

He was able to drive it home as is, and he's gonna have the guy at the body shop look at it

The keys aren't accounted for yet, I have to call this other guy again to ask about them, you'd think they'd been with my change

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I'm home, dad was up, not super angry

Might be angrier tomorrow, I don't know if there was more damage than just a tore off bumper, door popped open, might be fucked

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Car slid in the ditch, bumper tore off
I've got some help, updates when I feel like it

If I show interest in talking to someone, there isn't much I can really do beyond that without them giving me something to work with

So, if I'm not talking to you despite acting like I want to, it's because I have no fucking clue how to do it, and it infuriates me sometimes

"I literally cannot comprehend where to start, so I don't"

This is an insane coincidence to hear this immediately after using those exact words about cleaning my house just a day or two ago

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Content warnings also don't work for me at all, because I just look at everything anyway

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