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Hey everyone ! I am alive and kicking. Just haven't touched Mastodon in awhile.

Get you a girl who says shes going to sleep then likes all your toots bcs she cares about you and thats valid

Asking for artist reccomendations. 

Having a rough day today. Hopefully tomorrow looks a little brighter.

Prepping for Finals and playing Fortuna on Warframe, what a night.

Looks like plans for the fursuit are gonna have to go out the window for at least a year :( Maybe some day...

@silvally True, though according to Super he ended up in a random dungeon with his memory wiped :3

Back to playing Fallout 4. Been awhile since I touched this game.

Hey if any of y’all play PS4 add me at CMD_TAN. I’m always open to mess around in games

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