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Hey everyone ! I am alive and kicking. Just haven't touched Mastodon in awhile.

Get you a girl who says shes going to sleep then likes all your toots bcs she cares about you and thats valid

Asking for artist reccomendations. 

Hey everyone, I'm looking for an artist to draw my character in the Gravity Suit from the Metroid series. Anyone have any recommendations ? :D

Having a rough day today. Hopefully tomorrow looks a little brighter.

Prepping for Finals and playing Fortuna on Warframe, what a night.

Looks like plans for the fursuit are gonna have to go out the window for at least a year :( Maybe some day...

@silvally True, though according to Super he ended up in a random dungeon with his memory wiped :3

Back to playing Fallout 4. Been awhile since I touched this game.

Hey if any of y’all play PS4 add me at CMD_TAN. I’m always open to mess around in games

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