So uh, who want's to move into an epic apartment with me that's 100% LGBT friendly and allows cuddles and lots of happy LGBT roomies needing rooms?

Well I got some news: tomorrow I'll have a call about my mandible AND uvula piercing! :D

Plus, I'm going to schedule several piercings I've wanted done. Something to boost myself up and feel good with my looks. Give me a bit of control over my body where I still can. Gonna go nuts with it too. Really feel epic while I'm down and out.

Here's the list: mandible, uvula, shark bites, both nostrils done. I'm making calls for appointments tonight. Plus I'm going to hang out with great friends tomorrow. I refuse to let this stop me. I will find the silver linings!

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I'm not going to say there's no potentially positive news however. I can see another specialist that may be able to at least get some blood actually flowing there. Maybe. Till then, I'm on a pill that should help my hand tremors and maybe reduce some of the pain. We wait and see.

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Basically there's no reason that everything went so bad so quickly and they're very worried. It's gonna take TWO MONTHS to get testing done (which involves them sticking electrified needles into me repeatedly with high volts) and SUCKS from experience.

Then the earliest appointment open, after those TWO MONTHS to see the doctor again? THREE months after that... It'll be FIVE MONTHS before I can figure things out and make progress...

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Here's the essentials: they couldn't even find a pulse in my feet. Seriously. They were horribly cold, they've barely got enough blood going through them to keep them even going. So this raises some MORE problems for me to figure it out.

I also don't have any reflexes left in my ankles at all. When poked with a needle I felt nothing but pressure, sometimes nothing at all, till past my knee. Things are deteriorating quickly and the doctor couldn't understand why all these symptoms are happening.

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Okay, time to update you all on my health stuff. Not gonna lie, the appointment today was rough.

TW: Medical Stuff in this thread.

Wow, really taking a deep dive into writing today after the hospital garbo. How is everyone on here today? Tell me something cool happening to you!

Spent all morning at a hospital, hopefully ya'll had a better day?

3000 words into the novel I'm currently working on. I'm seriously excited on this and hope that it keeps going so smoothly!

Writing a sci-fi story that instead of being as focused on space, takes a look at a sport on a ship. Quite a curious experience!

HECK I keep havin problems where I focus on Twitter instead of here even though this is WAY better than Twitter. Someone heckin remind me to post here more often!

The perm has begun!!! Hopefully the curls look awesome!

So today I'm getting a perm and I'm a LITTLE HECKIN NERVOUS HOW THIS IS GONNA TURN OUT

I've been having some weeeeird and confusing gender feels lately. Someone save me from my own brain?

I'm about to jump into a lake. In Wisconsin. It's 30 degrees. With my family.

My Thanksgiving it's cooler than yours!

You know I have two loving partners and all, but they're both long distance and I just CRAVE cuddles and physical touch. I've had zero luck now with OkCupid and Tinder. I'm unsure if I'm doing something wrong, or if it's just the being trans thing. Any ideas or suggestions?

Local trans girl seeks snuggle buddy, is happy being big spoon. Very tall, long arms and legs, good for that kinda thing. Please apply in my bed right now please!

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