I have plain white rice, and a bottle of chick-fil-a sauce from QFC... >>;

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Lord forgive me for the culinary sin I am about to commit

Dammit, I'm home alone and I still sheeshed

Alc ment 

It's my day off and I have a canned white Russian in the fridge I've been meaning to try for weeks, oh the possibilities

Watching the Netflix adaptation of Blame! again this time with my SO and what an adventure

Beyond pissed that my last ditch $60 Uber ride out of Seattle including the 15% tip showed up as a $147.26 charge on my card. I was trying to make it to payday but now I have to deal with overdraft fees. Wtf Uber...

We love a 6am smoke alarm

Cool cool cool

Nsfw mention 

Slorny mood, sleepy horny. About to pass out

Ugh Seattle transit is a pain sometimes, there's a reroute but I can't find any actual information on it

I think I met one of the MFF pizza guys. Talking after and I get hit with an "oh yeah he was there'

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What is this girldick I keep hearing about?
I'm an oral learner, btw

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2004: hundreds of boys queuing up to go play halo 2

2021: hundreds of those same girls queuing up to go play halo infinite

Who wants to get new piercings w me 🥺

I'm home and it's cold out, no pants 4 blankets early bedtime kinda mood

Smh night shift is chill af wtf why'm I doing mornings lol. Literally just chilling on my phone for half the last half hour

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