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Domestic abuse, serial killers 

YEUGH ok so I definitely need to stop reading The Stranger Beside Me for now. Starting to feel a little ill. It's not just the story of the guy's victims that gets to me, it's how fucking similar Ted Bundy is described to my ex. Things they liked doing, attitudes they had, how they viewed themselves. Makes me really, really uncomfortable. My ex was already abusive, and this just leads down some really scary paths.

Hmmm this serial killer documentary series is...... bad........... but it has me looking up actual literature on the subject so that's good I guess. Thiiiis close to buying a Questia subscription

us news, nazi-punching trial 

one dollar and zero days jail time

Jeffrey Winder, the man found guilty of assaulting "Unite the Right" organizer Jason Kessler at an attempted news conference the day after a protestor had been killed by a white supremacist, had his sentence reduced to a $1 fine and no jail time.

They're still trying to appeal the guilty verdict. Community service like this should be rewarded imho.

NEWS: Being on T is like when I wasn't on T and had a fuckton of caffeine and sugar AND enough sleep AND a good day

It is only 9:30 and I am WIPED. Doing good though!! How is THE YIFF LIFE


My boss emails me asking me to test his new Gmail account by sending him something from mine. So ofc I do.

His reply: “cool, just setting this up in case we need a non work channel to vent.”

I fucking love my team 😂😂

Powerfully gay seductive selfie (sfw) 

Nobody on birdsite responded to this flirtatiously and let me tell you: what a crying shame because I am HOT

Always weird when I’m walking around outside and passers by notice me. Only seems to happen some days. Today is one. Used to blending into the pavement

Told my teammate and boss that I got the T today!
Teammate, later: “you’re so happy! You keep smiling! Give me a dose!”

Morning selfie! 

Second dose of werewolf gel: APPLIED!! The best part is that I get to apply this every day and remind myself how lucky and FUCKIN AWESOME I am ✨❤️✨

Pre-bed, post-T selfie 💚✨ 

Y’all, the more time that passes, the better and better I keep feeling

:sparkles_agender: :sparkles_genderqueer: :sparkles_nb: :sparkles_trans: I can't get over how valid trans and non-binary people are. :sparkles_trans: :sparkles_nb: :sparkles_genderqueer: :sparkles_agender:

The guy who interrupted my order to defend his own store in pkgo also had his text notif sound as "I'M PICKLE RICK!" This man owns a business

"Ah you there, cute stranger, could you perhaps show me the way to the trāsh"

Fun personalities I interact with on my sales route:
-Darkly sarcastic woman with deep knowledge of French history
-Guy who only speaks in one word-yet-run on sentences (yeah yeah no yeah okay good no okay yeah!)
-Guy who I think is starting to flirt with me
-Guy who interrupted me taking his order to defend his own store as a pokemon gym on pkgo
-Woman who is very dour and grumpy in person but ends every text with four exclamation points and an emoji
-Guy who shook my hand six times in a row

Whoop the sex drive effects have just started to kick in I guess. Welp.

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