Today was my one week milestone for HRT 🎉🎉🎉🎉

Transition talk, birdsite frustration 

I’ve gained muscle on my shoulders and my voice is starting to deepen!! And of course my mental health is just fuckin light years from where it used to be

Apparently however so is my patience for other ppl replying to my genuine feelings with jokes, or to my partner expressing his attraction to me with “lol but ur biased”

Like yeah he finds me attractive, that’s part of why he’s with me. It isn’t a fucking bias and his opinion is still valid and appreciated

Transition talk, birdsite frustration 

I’m so OVER (cis) folk thinking expressing their anxiety about my transition is ok (it IS NOT) or that I want their medical advice (I DONT). And it’s super frustrating that when my partner posts “don’t give unsolicited LSB medical advice” the response is “don’t make Partner mad” EXCUSE ME WHAT ABOUT ME, the person who is actually getting this BS thrown at them

I’m trying rreeeeaaaal hard to give folks the benefit of the doubt and respond mildly but fucksakes

Transition talk, birdsite frustration 

@LeggySnakebite Hell yeah, you're both valid and a powerful as heckie couple!

Sounds like the changes are rather swift too, dang.

Transition talk, birdsite frustration 

@Cr0wnless WAY faster than I thought they’d be!! I’m pleased but a bit nonplussed, I didn’t expect it!

Transition talk, birdsite frustration 

@LeggySnakebite I'm way less educated on the effects of T, but I'm always fascinated to see others transitions!
I hope it's good to you! I love seeing people become their best selves! 💚

Transition talk, birdsite frustration 

@Cr0wnless Thanks friend!!

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