I ate dinner but... am I still hungry????????

Critterposting, Pistol Shrimp 


Y'all have heard of pistol shrimp likely. They're a family of snapping shrimp called Alpheidae that snap and produce cavitation bubbles, which they use for hunting.

The collapse of the cavitation bubble creates a pressure wave that can kill small animals. They're some of the nosiest little bastards in the whole ocean, and account for something like 20% of all ocean noise as i recall.

Smut is good & all but I wanna draw weird conceptual stuff that gets people wanting to be in the furry scene in a different way than making them strangely honry

Transition talk, birdsite frustration 

I’m so OVER (cis) folk thinking expressing their anxiety about my transition is ok (it IS NOT) or that I want their medical advice (I DONT). And it’s super frustrating that when my partner posts “don’t give unsolicited LSB medical advice” the response is “don’t make Partner mad” EXCUSE ME WHAT ABOUT ME, the person who is actually getting this BS thrown at them

I’m trying rreeeeaaaal hard to give folks the benefit of the doubt and respond mildly but fucksakes

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Transition talk, birdsite frustration 

I’ve gained muscle on my shoulders and my voice is starting to deepen!! And of course my mental health is just fuckin light years from where it used to be

Apparently however so is my patience for other ppl replying to my genuine feelings with jokes, or to my partner expressing his attraction to me with “lol but ur biased”

Like yeah he finds me attractive, that’s part of why he’s with me. It isn’t a fucking bias and his opinion is still valid and appreciated

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Today was my one week milestone for HRT 🎉🎉🎉🎉

My favourite thing (ok, everything is my favourite thing but a VERY CUTE THING) about the is after they’re done playing and they just flop around inside their cage and cuddle

Talked to @LeggySnakebite about doing my shot on Wednesday’s and they told me that day is Mercury’s day who is also genderfluid and I feel really powerful

Sometimes self care means napping and I think I'm becoming okay with that.

PLUS the temperature has dropped enough that instead of having my a/c on I can open my balcony door and let THAT cool the apartment so like honestly life is some good shit

Good morning my federated valentines

I wrestled with a lot of difficult shit last night but now I’m up and determined

Determined to do what u ask?


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