I ate dinner but... am I still hungry????????

Critterposting, Pistol Shrimp 

Smut is good & all but I wanna draw weird conceptual stuff that gets people wanting to be in the furry scene in a different way than making them strangely honry

Transition talk, birdsite frustration 

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Transition talk, birdsite frustration 

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Today was my one week milestone for HRT 🎉🎉🎉🎉

My favourite thing (ok, everything is my favourite thing but a VERY CUTE THING) about the is after they’re done playing and they just flop around inside their cage and cuddle

Talked to @LeggySnakebite about doing my shot on Wednesday’s and they told me that day is Mercury’s day who is also genderfluid and I feel really powerful

Sometimes self care means napping and I think I'm becoming okay with that.

PLUS the temperature has dropped enough that instead of having my a/c on I can open my balcony door and let THAT cool the apartment so like honestly life is some good shit

Good morning my federated valentines

I wrestled with a lot of difficult shit last night but now I’m up and determined

Determined to do what u ask?


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