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i open yiff dot life

i open yiff dot life a second time

i close yiff dot life

i open yiff dot life

tbh it seems like any time i speculate about ffxiv things i always get what i want

but then no one wants what i want and everyone just gets mad

also going through old posts of mine is so weird for me because i go so fuckin all over the place emotionally, physically, like just everything over the course of the week that it feels like years

i cant find my top mlem post and im sad i wanted 2 boost it its good

they dont steal the accounts, mind
they get given permission to use them

but still

something kinda weird and fucked up is if you see a osrs pvp video

its like a 90% chance that the person making the video isnt playing their own account

to work at square enix are you required to look like a final fantasy character because that seems to eb the case

*nibbles on all ur stuff and just generally destroys everything you love*

im buny pet me

i did play like a couple minutes of RO tho and it seemed fun and it was cute

i was a lil put off by the quests i just wanted to grind

i didnt get like

anywhere tho cus of that whole cahs shop items thing i mentioned before

also i talked to friend who also plays runescape and they made me feel better so im just stickin to that

i decided to not play ragnarok online because i was lookin at a guide video for a class to see what the class was like and like 75% of the items in the guide were like "you get this from the cash shop"

also people who are possums are even more chaotic

people who add the "o" to possum are extremely chaotic

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