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oki heres the final (hopefully) version of my morrowind mod

it rebalances staves, spears, and halberds and makes halberds do chopping damage

an osrs spellbook thats just CC and spells that change your appearance would be amazing and fit rlly well

(basically i want everquest enchanter in osrs)

its kinda crude but theyre real good bois

some random person whos watched me strem runescape just gave me 5m in game

also it took me like 5 years to realise this song is about conan the barbarian

i understand why ppl are upset but like
it rlly isnt worth being upset about

i super do not care about the shadowbringers races being gender specific

i only wanted to b buny and i get what i want and i get to be dancer dps and im happy

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i dont like that with ios12 i cant swipe my phone to unlock it anymore and now its pressing the button

i like swiping phone made me feel all scifi

i just finished eating a big bowl of sugary cereal and i took a drink of water and it tasted like vinegar

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