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btw if any of y'all want to ask me anything, here is a tellonym/curiouscat clone by a friend, just drop your question in the box and hit "Senden"

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SomeBODY once told me
There are two wolves inside me
I don't remember which one I've fed

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It only took clonezilla 3 tries to image my HDD for a backup
At least there's probably nothing wrong with my HDD now oof

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🎢 Two wolves chillin’ in a hot tub 5 feet apar-
2 feet-
One wolf just put its arm around the other. Now they’re-
Ok they’re probably gay

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Mastodon is the superior platform, where else can I vent without needing two seperate accounts

I need band shirts so I can show my horrible music taste and warn potential friends beforehand

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