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If you want me to be able to boost your toot - think about the image description. I will avoid boosting any posts unless they are properly described.

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thread of good vibe memes starts here

will try to properly cw everything and add alt text

Are there alternatives to Duolingo? Preferably ones that are FOSS and don't penalize mistakes so hard?

Gender is a fuck 

Mh shitpost 

sentient readme file that changes its own file name to more and more desperate names in the vain attempt to get the user to read it

browser rec. request 


need help $ rent, meds, therapy 

@ UK peoples;

Where do you recommend for purchasing HDDs online?

Particularly for packaging them well and making sure they arrive in one piece. Foam inserts etc.

I've ordered from Amazon before, but packaging was pretty lackluster. The drive *works*, but eh. I'm surprised it does.

re: :over18: furry nsfw, whaledragon stuff, quadruped 

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