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Existential Horror 

🖼️ No Description

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How do you politely tell people to describe their images so I can fucking boost them

A question for my fellow transfemme peeps: After you started presenting more feminine, did you find a change in the number of people who came to you for emotional care (e.g., expecting you to comfort them when they’re hurting, etc.)?

thanksgiving mention, covid 

Americanos be thanking their givings and over here we just have covid

I thought my public TL was just dead most of the time but it turns out I enabled "media only" lmao

DnD take I guess 

Not only do I not have the friends to really do it or rather the friends I'd want to do that with but also am I way too uncreative and apathetic to things that need me to "make my own fun"
And even then just the idea that a lot of it depends on having a good gamemaster feels like is a recipe for not having fun

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DnD take I guess 

I can't be the only one that gets intrigued by DnD and similar pen & paper shenanigans as well as have no to little interest in actually going forward with this notion bc I don't see myself enjoying it

Replying to posts is illegal and should be persecuted

So, is $9,900 for a 2015 Kia Soul base a good deal?

It was sold twice within it's first 100 miles and doesn't have any accidents or issues according to Vincheck


In case you've been wondering where I'm at

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Looking at my current work hours its looking more like "No Freetime November"

By 2030 phones will be 1mm thick but require a 9mm thick case to keep them from shattering into a million pieces if it is grazed by a puff of air

weird, maybe gross shitpost 

No gut November

Who needs digestion anyways


kinktober day 31- handjob!

this was a really fun drawing challenge! i'd like to do it again next year.


@Lazol my children huddle inside, terrified of the 30-50 feral guinea hogs that could storm our yard at any time

A deafening "WHEET" is heard in the night

They are coming...

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