NSFW art, M solo 

Scenario: You finally get around to reading a quest, and it has a genuine good boy! But the quest hasn't updated in a couple years. How do you survive this scenario?
Alexandrius Falt from Red Giant by Apollo tgchan.org/wiki/Red_Giant

NSFW art, M/M clothing damage 

NSFW art, M solo image, link is various stuff 

NSFW art, M solo 

NSFW art, M 

NSFW art, M solo 

Naughty language 

NSFW art, F solo 

NSFW art, M/F nude 

NSFW art, M solo 

NSFW-ish art, barely visible base of dick 

no one will understand this extremely specific quest joke doodle but it's the only thing I've drawn

Louis and Legosi are so gay for eachother in Beastars and it's wack that they haven't interacted for 21 chapters now! I'm sure Legosi will remember the words "It won't hurt to be more assertive." for next time though.

NSFW art, M solo 

NSFW art, M Solo 

NSFW art, M/M nudity 

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