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clothed booby 

Detective Pikachu spoiler, I guess 

Saw a car that had the word "Ska" written across the back window

As soon as I made this complaint the show started getting good again so yay

Man, I really wish I was liking the third season of Glow more than I was... ://

So far it's just been all drama without any real jokes or wrestling and it's kind of a bummer

I should've picked a sona species who's head is easier to draw

the zim movie was good but it was really noticeable how much the focus was shifted onto dib bc zim and gir's whole schticks really don't play as well in 2019 as they did when the show was first on :P

I will put Elon Musk's shitty car company out of business with this one brilliant idea. Ford and Chevy will be Dead and Buried. Fossil Fuels are for Fossil Fools. Instead of gasoline or electricity all cars will have a tiny key that you wind up and it makes them go. This is how we can win.

*u are wearing a hoodie with a pouch across the tummy and i am hiding in the pouch while u are in mcdonalds* psst... its me suzie....... feed me, frenched fry

a tiny well behaved koop u can keep in yr purse

I keep seein clips n caps that look good and im gonna have to watch the fuckin invader zim thing, aren't I

I hope they finally tracked that sick fuck down. The family deserves the closure.

I don't like to brag, but you /are/ looking at someone who got five stars in Just Dance on Cotton Eye Joe, a /medium/ difficulty level song, the first time she played it, LADIES~ :eyyy:

my main takeaways from just dance so far are:
1) I am white
2) I do not know what music is popular
3) My performance would not be affected by this but I would feel much better if I was wearing the outfits the characters are

girls were created by the cutie industry to sell more cuties

love it when a depressing story ends on an upsetting anecdote with no closure or anything other than just throwing hands up like "shit's fucked! the end!"

Been thinking about trying out Just Dance and discovered that they made the best piece of Super Mario media three years ago and I had no idea until now

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