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I very productive day of making single post Pokémon tf microfics at a bunch of people 😌

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kobolds can do a little arson, as a treat

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Me: "this is my wife"
Wife, smiling serenely, slightly intimidating due to the intensity of her stare, but approachable: "Hello. It's a pleasure."
Me: "And this is my EX wife"
The exact same woman but now with a black flaming aura around her, with a quiet, piercing glare, as a unique boss theme plays: "you think yourself prepared...? Pathetic..."

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not having a tail is one of the largest Ls that humans have ever taken

horsecast joke I’m being made to post 

@BestGirlGrace Graceful Spark sending a letter to Sunset Shimmer like “I showed you my Beans please respond”

“Here comes ✨the boy✨” voice: here comes the toy

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transformation kink 

TF that can only be held back consciously, meaning that whenever they aren't focusing on doing so it starts to bleed in around the edges of their mind

Shaping their unconscious habits, the sounds they make when upset or frustrated, the delighted responses they could barely control anyway.

The moment where they catch themselves and blush or make excuses for it play out over and over again, each one a chance for them to notice how far they've come

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transformation kink 

Ongoing, slow-burn tf as a curio or inevitability, a fact of life, rather than something frightening or exciting

Something that's just barely happening to the victim as they go about their life, registering the occasional landmark or new inconvenience offered by their changing shape

The tail that they frown at when they notice it's finally too big to hide in their clothing, or the new urges that they suppress with practiced ease, or the animal noise that only comes out when they're startled or surprised

The only ghost I respect is ghost pants

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diy hrt; help for a friend; boosts appreciated! 

My friend who lives in the philippines (outside the metro manila area) has been DIYing hrt (estrogen + spiro), and has been unable to get E from her normal source (a local pharmacy) for 7 months and is looking to DIY online (locally if possible due to legality) if doctors don't pan out. I've sent her hrt.cafe but I'm hoping that someone might have information on DIY & 'legit' trans healthcare specific to the philippines that I could share with her!

bad words said aloud 

Naughty girls get sent to the tweet bed

replying to a song from 2008 

Human ❌
Dancer ❌

about me 

the thing about me is that I’m toy. (also kitty)

grs recovery stuff, lewd 

Pretty unfair that I’ve had a pussy for almost 6 months and no one’s fucked it yet, tbh

(To be fair, afaik I probably only know like 2-3 people who would actually who would actually be interested in using their dick for penetration and most of them I don’t have that kind of relationship with, but still :v)

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grs recovery stuff 

I’m like two weeks away from going down to one dilation per day and damn I can’t wait

piercing musing, repost from Twitter 

Eyebrow is kind of appealing? Since I expect to continue wear a mask full time for a while yet, cute and visible

Ooooor I finally figure out what I want to do with the cartilage on the left side to oppose the industrial 👀

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