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We're a green and purple, lop-eared bunny girl

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Today I learned that Ken Sample, a black furry artist, was either one of the first people or /the/ first person to come up with the concept of the fursona.

i drew a fox head!
it came out ok i think. i need more practice with everything πŸ˜…

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when abusive furries (or people in any big fandom/community, really) are exposed for who they are, it’s tempting to go β€œtoo many awful people, this sucks, I’m out”

but that’s just letting them win

push them out, drown them out. give your attention to people that aren’t scum


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Ok Y'all mind if I scream???

Can transmac folks be treated like people for 5 fucking minutes in this fandom??? Really tired of us being seen as a walking fleshlight or as a nasty monster for having afab anatomy. For real its the WORST


Nintendo in June: you can catch great white sharks from the beach

Nintendo in July: Yup. Definitely safe for swimming

I made this in tonight. It's a bunny, my coloring but uppy eared (lucy maybe)

I don't know how to do eyes and was def done for the night. My shading is meh - the time lapse shows my experimentation there πŸ˜…

The US has no 'rule of law', a sham democracy, and is premised to this day on intra- and inter-national genocide and slavery of black/brown peoples. The rot includes judges & courts.

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