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We're a green and purple, lop-eared bunny girl

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me? new job has not *entirely* consumed me
but I've dug in deep and truly enjoy my job sooo...

oh hey. native web client on here for Android is p good. Forget the over complicated, underperforming apps. Maybe i should show up more!

I'm one of those aces who enjoys sex sometimes...

but today I'm just feeling hungry on main

I always knew I was behind my peers, socially

just didn't realize I was like 20y behind

I'm experimenting

There were state-legal things I couldn't do a few months ago.

so... I ordered a vape (*shock*)

I figured I'd feel freer to post here with newJob.
I do... I just don't have time :P

Whether you're trans/enby because of biological factors or societal factors or some mix of the two, or whether you don't subscribe to any of that and are trans because you're trans, you ARE valid


it's too early for this - veiled reference to macro porn 

this caturday you don't have to keep pushing yourself! is ok to be like a kitty and lie around and rest :blobcatsleep:

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