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I got my art! thanks to Blue Wolf Studios (@[email protected])!! This is a 7x10" piece that I'm waiting for a frame (it arrives Sunday). Hopfully my scanner did it justice :3

Yes, I play Go (Weiqi / Baduk) and am about 3-kyu on OGS.

Yes I am smol here :3 I like it

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looks like I was super active here 3y ago, but I'm due for a new after my hiatus

I'm a bunny.
I'm bungender. Also demigirl. My pronouns are she/her.

We're also plural and sometimes use We/Us pronouns (less commonly than in the past)

I play Go / Baduk / Weiqi

I don't really know how to art, but I work in tech and can commission sometimes!

I play Celeste. I have 196🍓. I'm a gamer but not hardcore about it.


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Our user icon is a commission from the amazing @Marzimaned

We're a green and purple, lop-eared bunny girl

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people talk about cars like the situation we have in the US was only natural, and always would have happened. When if you look at history, you see how we were forced into a weird and unnatural situation.

Children played in streets before cars. Before the Elon Musk fans of their day, the auto clubs, pushed pro-motorist legislation, invented terms like "jaywalker" and constructed playgrounds so kids could be removed from "their" roads.

Comrade Spicy Egg Noodles giving a slow motion tutorial on how to clean a face `

Happy Pride everyone! We're doing it again this month! The straights can try to stop me if they want!!

uspol, 4th of july, cognitive dissonance, MH 

work sent out an email about MH and said some people may experience cognitive dissonance about the 4th of July holiday. They linked to some tips, but here's mine:

get yourself a small US flag and torch the fucker

From birdsite 

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Everything’s terrible except for this teacher going on Reddit and learning how much her students love her

Yesterday's reading. This was explicitly a work based reading.

The inverse knight of pentacles speaks to my recent past of feeling stagnant. The inverse three of wands supports that, indicating I need to make rapid change.

Judgement speaks to personal growth following those changes

Cis people have the unfair advantage of healthcare privilege and should therefore be banned from competitive sports.

food, entirely correct opinion 

choccy milk is brown, coffee is brown, therefore coffee is a choccy milk

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1) hop!
2) cute as heck!
3) soft fur and nice big ears to pet
4) tasty to nibble on

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