Well, I'm still here at least. How are y'all holding up?

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If you're in the US (as far as I know) you can still get Priority Mail labels in the same way, they're actually better and nicer for drawing on bc they're so blank

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So, in Canadian post offices you can ask for certain mail labels, which they'll give you for free. They used to be like the ones on the right, a nice single sticker great for drawing on! But now they're broken into two pieces, much harder to use. I have something I want to try for a solution, but I'm still annoyed.

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Okay this is a funny joke and all, but like it'd be such an awful trick, *especially* if they're doing it on the flat of the ramp. Atrocious.

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@shade aaaand it's officially adorned on my BuJo! It looks so cool on here ~

I guess this is kind of an ongoing series, anyone got a cool idea for a name?

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I dug up this sweater recently, I 've never really worn it before but it's cute and cozy!

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Hey y'all! I've had a busy tiring week, and it looks like more of the same next week, but I'm holding up! How about y'all?

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