Yo I only realised just recently how much of Hacker's fashion was taken from the late 70's/ early 80's LA punk scene, and The Weirdos in particular, that's cool

afaik all the photos of them from this time are black and white, but they dressed in dayglo and bright, clashing colours

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Here's a fun update, I found an interview with The Weirdos in Slash magazine, from 1977, here's some highlights

Slash: How long have you people been looking the way you do?
Weirdos: Couple hours. I got in a car accident.

Slash: Ok, so you wouldn't describe yourselves as punk rock?
Weirdos: No, we're dummies, man.
- Adult rock.
- We're all full grown adults.
Slash: You mean punk rock is immature?
Weirdos: Listen, we're almost to the 1980s. Everybody else is in the dark ages.

Weirdos: Businessmen will look like this in
the '90s.

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Weirdos: Can I say hi to my mom?
Slash: Yes.
Weirdo: Hi mom.

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Anyways of old punk is ur jam, check out the zine archives at circulationzero.com/ that's where I'm finding these quotes

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