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Hey y'all, I'm (slowly) working on a free zine about DIY at-home sticker making, where to find paper, types of coatings, things like that. What kinds of questions would you want answered in a zine like that?

@IsabelleHellraiser We've been wondering if it's possible to make completely removable "stickers" for laptops and the like! (Maybe with vinyl.) Don't know if this is 100% on-topic, but.

@IceWolf I'll be sure to add this to the zine! There are definitely stickers and labels that are made to work that way, you're looking for "repositionable labels", ideally ones for laser printers so they're easier to draw or print on!

@IsabelleHellraiser both recommended art resolutions (px, dpi, etc.) and best methods of laying out sheets would be super helpful

@lunalapin Oh good point! I had mostly focused on like, hand drawing stuff using traditional art mediums, but I'll put on a few notes about printing and digital art (tho for the most part the "art-ing" part of sticker making is outside the scope of the zine)

@IsabelleHellraiser where/how to get inexpensive, reliable die-cut machines would be a great one imo, like, a cricut works but it's kinda spendy and the software sucks a lot

(also worth mentioning that "hp instant ink" has a per-page pricing model that is super costly if you print text, but for pictures and stickers it's really cheap because they don't charge at all based on how much ink you use, only how many sheets - granted inkjets are also not super cheap, but if you can find like a used all-in-one on craigslist or whatever, this is a great way to feed it while paying basically nothing like $3 a month for all the ink you can eat)

@alexis Noted! I don't have experience with CriCut or other die cut machines myself, but I'll see what I can dig up

This is something I didn't realize I needed until just now.

@IsabelleHellraiser Making stickers without a printer - use stamps, block printing or even drawing and how to turn those into stickers.

@csepp For sure, I'll have notes on coatings, as well as just materials to use!

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