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Should I post my adult furry art here?

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A proper

I go by Iron Raptor, and I'm a digital artist, currently doing 2D but experimenting with 3D art, if you want to check out my art, my repository for my general art goes to the Mastodon art instance below.

If you need to see my adult works, I will be posting them on

There is some raunchy stuff that might make even the savviest of porn enthusiasts wig out, so I'm compartmentalizing my instances.

If people are going to thought police people's fetishes and kinks... Well .. ACAB

Explicit NSFW Feral MLP Art 

Figured I'd contribute to the summer solstice, as well as experiment with the non standard mlp head design, and piss off some purists on Twitter whinging about nsfw feral art.


Cw zoophilia mention, anti-ace insults, birdsite 

So this rabid anti-zoo made a list of a bunch of feral and nsfw feral furru artists and accusing them of being zoos, and then when they were called out on their bullshit, went full on anti-ace shit.

furry mods for sims games have really come a long way huh?

Birdsite, stupid reactionary hot takes 

It's bad enough libel is involved, it's the memes being made. Performative social justice by furries, combines the WORST of things I despise.

1. Blind reactionaries
2. Moral superiority for social clout
3. Performative social justice. I e. Woke capitalism

HUH. So... I learned that Japan World Cup, the weird bizarre Horse Racing game, isn't actually a game, but a bunch of DVDs where you... play the races but then place bets on the outcome before playing the race itself?


I will say, mastodon seems fairly free of the level of toxicity seen on the birdsite. Everyone is super quick to throw shade and call each other zoos for liking stuff that is not considered part of the vanilla, and it honestly gives me Burned Fur vibes; Purification of the furry fandom as a thinly veiled disguise for homophobia and transphobia.

The more I dig into the subject of being and , the more I realize what’s going on with me. I need talk to a GP, but I have… converns about being medicated. Any others able to offer some advice? I’ve taken some CBT courses, that at least help identify certain things, but… to be honest some of the CBT is just…. Parroting what I THINK will make the therapist like me, rather than actually just being present with my emotions.

when you download an image from the web these days, instead of a PNG or a JPEG, you get one of these new formats which is 8% more efficient, not compatible with any "pre-covid software" and has a name which sounds like

High Information Format Format
j-eggings Layer 6
ProRes ProxyGold (Grain Profile)
Radiance XML
WebX 2000

In the US, companies are under no obligation to honor any request that they stop sending you physical mail. Send them as many requests in as varied a format as you like; they can ignore each and every one.

EXCEPT. If you say "please stop, this mailing made me horny", they are required by federal law to immediately block your address. It doesn't have to be honest or sincere; just saying "your ad turned me on, and I don't like it" is enough. 🌈⭐️

morbius joining bee movie and son of the mask as a hallowed member of the "movies no one should watch, but everyone should witness the existence of" club

Birdsite, nsfw feral art mention, spite porn 

See... I'm tempted to do NSFW feral art, the raunchiest of it, just to spite these people.

I'm so happy with the progress I've made in this obtuse software!

Zbrush WIP of the T Rex. Trying to learn this software and figure out the weird little idiosyncrasies of the software.

T E E F.

Done in 5 and a half hours... I might actually get to complete this sculpt!

Just finished a 5 hour session working on this beast. I think I'll try and get at least the sculpt completed by tomorrow, then I'll start colouring it in.

Ref is courtesy of NicolaSaviori on Twitter and Artstation

Why... Helloooooo gorgeous.

Apparently this company is also making articulated lion / tiger figures as well as an anthro wolf figure that had a double barrel shotgun and chainsaw accessory.

Going out to visit my friends' horses, is the only time I am truly content. My focus is on them, my attention directed to their ears, their tail, their body movements, trying to decipher the nonverbal communique from them. They help silence the incessant chatter of the anxious mind

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