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Hi everyone! My name is Morgan, but feel free to call me Husker or Prosperity! I'm a trans nb woman from Malaysia, I use she/they pronouns, and I like drawing furries.

Talk to me about video game criticism, what your main weapon is in Monster Hunter: World, and why Clip Studio Paint's fill-in mono brush is god's gift to mankind.

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This is my fursona, Prosperity! She's a trans gal fu-dog with luck manipulation powers. (she/her pronouns, ofc)

anyway this is how I feel about Dororo, a show I am ostensibly enjoying

you ever feel impressed by a piece of media but also do a double take like "is this actually impressive or do I just not watch/read a lot of stuff"

might fuck around and go to bed at a reasonable hour

Commissioned: A frilly dress and some tall shoes for @cozykaffe, using a pink and yellow palette! I always love a chance to get better at drawing fashion :3 (1/2)

#BudgiebinArt #BudgiebinCommissions

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Its HELLA the fuck am, time to post WIP pics. I got all my lines done and approved by my client. While its long overdue, im at least happy that I could put my 110% into this, despite my hand problems

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A comm by the lovely @museia_ over on twitter! The heart glasses were her idea and they're SUPER CUTE

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