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Hi everyone! My name is Morgan, but feel free to call me Husker or Prosperity! I'm a trans nb woman from Malaysia, I use she/they pronouns, and I like drawing furries.

Talk to me about video game criticism, what your main weapon is in Monster Hunter: World, and why Clip Studio Paint's fill-in mono brush is god's gift to mankind.

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This is my fursona, Prosperity! She's a trans gal fu-dog with luck manipulation powers. (she/her pronouns, ofc)

sorry about being quiet with art lately. I drew my taunka again! Hinsa Briskhoof owns a hot spring up in Winterspring and she is very overworked trying to keep the place running

note to self: PLEASE stop coming up with warcraft OCs, you can't draw them fast enough

at the laundromat and there's a gal here singing along to anime openings. live your best life

I also have not a lot of facial hair, so I thought, why not.

... I don't recommend it, but I have a pretty close shave now, all things considered

in addition I tried it on my arms with the head off, and it works a little better on thinner hairs, seems like. you have to go reaaaally slow for it to catch everything.

which makes sense as I haven't shaved in a while and it recommends using it on shorter hair lengths (2-5mm). Might just do a regular shave and do another pass later

it's not nearly as painful as people make it out to be.

unfortunately being battery powered means it's not pulling out all the hairs in one go either.

bout to try this epilator out. here goes nuthin

started it by immediately going through 3 appliance stores until I finally found one that would actually sell me an epilator

watching the house for the next 4 days so that means it's real girlmode hours

idea: the wiki titles to TMNT theme bot but for the Fullmetal Alchemist intermissions

I sure wish people got this mad when they pulled Devotion off of Steam.

chance the rapper sweating bullets as the RIAA bellows "YOU ARE NOW PART OF THE INSTITUTION" and pressing him into its fleshy mass right next to randy newman

if I were a recording artist I would start to get nervous the second the RIAA started putting me on nominations lists. it's like when white people find out about "on fleek" or dabbing and milk it for whatever scraps of cultural cachet they can find

you ever think about how getting a grammy just kinda put the brakes on Arcade Fire's entire career

tickets to the US are booked and the MFF hotel confirmation is in... that's honestly a lot of travel stress off of my mind

boomer comedians complain about how it's so hard to be funny, meanwhile I start spontaneously laughing whenever I think about the ""normal"" version of When He Died

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