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Hi everyone! My name is Morgan, but feel free to call me Husker or Prosperity! I'm a trans nb woman from Malaysia, I use she/they pronouns, and I like drawing furries.

Talk to me about video game criticism, what your main weapon is in Monster Hunter: World, and why Clip Studio Paint's fill-in mono brush is god's gift to mankind.

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This is my fursona, Prosperity! She's a trans gal fu-dog with luck manipulation powers. (she/her pronouns, ofc)

also fwiw, I picked up a new sona via adoption because they were cute as *fug*. Im not entirely sure which approach im taking with the sona -yet-.

But I'll figure that out and you'll probably hear me scream about it more -- art's not mine but I havent made a full front/back ref yet

here's another one! I haven't shared this one in a while cuz it was a commission and honestly...I don't remember who this was anymore??? But Milly was someone's gorgeous snowleopard and I got to draw her.

I heard it was a macro March or something. (A gift for @kortney over on twitter)

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exciting news, just signed an one year exclusivity deal to put my toots on the Epic Games Store

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misery business and sk8tr boi are the same song.

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me: oh man broken social scene has a new EP, and there's a new Iron & Wine/Calexico collaboration

also me: *loops Love Shack Trigger endlessly*

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