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alcohol take 

I'm so bad at calculating in my mind that I spent a good minute or so trying to calculate 26-7

NSFW furry art, non-explicit 

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furry lewd 

Horrible norwegian post 

It's kinda chill that my weekends are basically three days long this semester.

Relationship talk, related to irl friends, kinda sad now, sorry 

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Relationship talk 

Things to do today:
• Draw commission
• Get basic VR systems running
• If time, look into doing my react task

God it's late lmao, been flipping my sleeping schedule which has been fun, but bad for obv reasons

Played so much vr chat recently that my controllers batteries are getting low from actual usage

Wolf Walkers was pretty good! Art style was really cool

For those not in the know, the tiger is Havneby, which is my other fursona that I just don't feel anymore... Which makes me want to... hm

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Hmm maybe I should've realised I was a girl when I thought "Wow, that dog girl is so cute I wish I was that"

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