Any blender project I work on will invariably expand in complexity to fill a 4 hour render time

said out loud by me: "If I wanted to look at humans I'd go to the mall"

Enough people have amongus crewmate OCs in ArtFight that I could probably put 10 of em in one art pretty easily

the base can't take more than 60 seconds to model

Youth pastor voice yeah I know about YIFF

Is the

closed species, open species, all I hear is "blasphemous species"

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Species credit: our lord and savior Jesus Christ, 4000BC

oh two people art fighted me before I even did anything

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"If sexual activity between same-gender people became illegal, the police would be the ones enforcing those laws.

That's why police are not welcome at Pride. Pride is for unconditional supporters, not for those who would become enemies as soon as they're ordered to."
-- @[email protected]

"to use the ArtFight discord server click this link to do a captcha" ugh okay fine

*Clicks link*

"please log in to discord with your credentials" lmao nope

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I could go see fireworks but I’m spending the entire weekend playing Sega Genesis games. ↯93JUL

re: my guess 

@rey yes and also the color changed almost imperceptively

re: my guess 

@rey You are correct, but there are a couple more

time to play "spot the differences" with new (left) vs old (right) refsheets

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I thought it had a DVI connector, but no it's an M1 connector lol

This model came out in 2004

Fortunately the bulb is rated for like 4000 hours and it's only got about 800 on it 😎

but it came without a lens cap :(

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