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Reposting my favorite fursona art from ArtFight this year because it makes me very happy.

Artists are, top left: sp00ky, top right: churroach, bottom left: NeverSkipEggDay, and finally bottom right is from @SuricrasiaOnline

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I should experiment with drawing Gulfie puffin with some different body shapes and styles tbh that would be fun

3d software crap 

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It's so funny to me that Furbies came in a pentagonal box

Presumably it's some kind of binding circle to contain them

Why was everything for the year 2000 blue and silver

Hey everyone, my commissions are open!! we need a little help with money rn, trying to move out of our current shitty situation before it gets any shittier

Pricing here:

DM if interested!!

you can also support us by tossing a few dollars any of these places:

$app: $SCoyote

Venmo: SCoyote

Anyone have recs for a good weatherproof IP camera with narrow FOV?

I want to watch my bird feeder from my windowless office

Dear Internet, I'm helping an old man who's almost blind. His computer is really important to him, but he's losing what's left of his sight rapidly. He uses Windows on a normal PC. Can anyone recommend tools/settings/software I can help him try? #a11y #toot


if you're a bird with wing fingers, legally speaking those are called "tendies"

3d software crap 

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I just want to play death stranding you pieces of shit

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