Welp I got well fucked indeed yesterday and this post will absolutely not indicate how much I enjoyed it.

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Hello folks!! The POC+Latine art server that I'm a mod is accepting more members!! It's a very fun and chill server searching for more latine artists of color, +21 years old only
DM me for more info and if you want a Invite!!

:boost_ok: Boosts are encouraged!!

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Still, I have not found any Indonesian people in this web. Please boost so any Indonesian can follow and meet me.

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I meditate every day in hope that I might achieve enlightenment and become awarewolf.

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☀️Watercolor Painting Commissions☀️
Hi everyone, I want to try to do some water color painting commissions! I need some examples, so these will be discounted a little
These will be on a 16x20 canvas, and will be shipped to you upon completion! I'm opening 2 slots for these
$150 for 1 character, $200 for 2 characters

Examples of digital paintings below

DM to claim!

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:batbat: BAT BASE PACK :bat_halloween:

:batpog: 4 different kinds of anthro bat for you to customize as you see fit!

:batpog: $10 for the pack, 4 designs included

:batpog: PSD and CLIP files available


#mastoart #furryart #creativetoots #base


I know, I know, I can totally post whatever but I doesn't feel like it ya know? Doesn't help that I'm not much of a Poster when it comes to social media, I'm more of an Observer sooooo......idk

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Me: I should make a lewd account on a proper furry instance.

Me, after making an account: ....now what

Gushing about my mate 

I wanna kiss their damn stupid lips rn but we're supposed to be making characters for a ttrpg.

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femininity is actually good and important and everyone should be allowed to practice as much or as little as they want

Hullo y'all, set up my account for real when I get home.

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