gotta keep them timelines friendly for all.


nsfw hyper 


nsfw hyper undertale 


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nsfw lewd caps 


Laptop warm and slow? Must be a virus! It certainly can't be that laptops are designed to be self destroying dust vacuums. Hell some of them are built to throttle with squeaky factory fresh clean internals! But maybe there's a virus.

Blue screen due to failing ram? Virus.
Clicking fan? Virus.
Total meltdown of HDD? Fixable just run a antivirus to get rid of the 'no boot drive' virus.
Got a virus call from another country trying to steal my bank detail.

No 4g? Virus.

Phishing? Virus.
Remote shell vuln? Virus.
Games installed on family computer? Virus.
Entirely obvious malware/adware installed on the family computer? Yeah but you're pointer is a cat now... It can't be that bad.
Etc etc

Kinda how every executable piece of software is an app now...

Every malicious (and sometimes not) piece of software is a virus.


weight gain, butts etc. nsfw. 

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