Laptop warm and slow? Must be a virus! It certainly can't be that laptops are designed to be self destroying dust vacuums. Hell some of them are built to throttle with squeaky factory fresh clean internals! But maybe there's a virus.

Blue screen due to failing ram? Virus.
Clicking fan? Virus.
Total meltdown of HDD? Fixable just run a antivirus to get rid of the 'no boot drive' virus.
Got a virus call from another country trying to steal my bank detail.

No 4g? Virus.

Phishing? Virus.
Remote shell vuln? Virus.
Games installed on family computer? Virus.
Entirely obvious malware/adware installed on the family computer? Yeah but you're pointer is a cat now... It can't be that bad.
Etc etc

Kinda how every executable piece of software is an app now...

Every malicious (and sometimes not) piece of software is a virus.


weight gain, butts etc. nsfw. 

Nsfw bad fiction ideas 

Nsfw bad fiction ideas 

My pizza was really late but thats ok

its friday and payday here so no wonder!


Nsfw and bad 



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