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Accumulating Bad Leftist Points by listening to Disney soundtracks

"waaaaa being a vampire is terrible" yea well do you get 5 feats just for being a human? i dont think so

Clothing stores be like choose one vital area (ribs, tummy, or hips) to squeeze at all times of day. Now pay us $200

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Kind of sucks when trying on pants and I can't tell if it's supposed to be high-waist or low-waist

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I'll be honest FFXIV gives me the Anxiety™️ and I'm very worried about picking it up again, even if the story is my jam

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This is normally where people say that they would like a Zestiria remake with Berseria mechanics, but let's not beat around the bush; $60 remakes of games that were released 5 years ago are universally bad.

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The newer Tales games make me a bit sad, because I enjoy Berseria so much more mechanically but Zestiria has a cleaner story arc.

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Girl who's really excited about fermentation

(It's me I'm the girl)

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