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I have stored up enough manic energy that I can and will block/mute people for putting "abandon hope embrace inevitability" nihilism on my dash. You have been warned

I've mentioned this before but I cannot express how glad I am that the pokemon anime is doing better after the BW and XYZ series were... not my favorite

If Monster Hunter Rise's expansion doesn't give us a whole new house to decorate like Iceborn then what the fuck is the point

Might need to talk about the new consoles soon; I made the shift to Xbox and I wanna talk about why

Now Far Cry 6 apparently has DLCs where you just go interact with the villains from the previous three games, with all the pizazz of getting to fight the previous two protags in Persona 5 Royal

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Far Cry 3 had the least poorly written protagonist, because he was just a guy with a vendetta slowly losing his grip on normalcy. That's a story that makes sense. And even that was about 70% white savior narrative, with the remaining 30% being facts the writers looked up on Wikipedia and snippets of Cowboy Bebop episodes

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The thing about (modern) Far Cry that always frustrates me is that the story is principally about the villains, but playing as the villains in a Far Cry game just doesn't work unless you're catering to fascists, and so every game gets one (1) sort of generic protagonist whose motivations are "people died, that's bad, I will solve this with revolution, but revolution is scary oh no." For four games now.

Very funny to me that stories that end with the main character dying are still thoroughly in vogue when as far as I am aware it is the most bog standard ending people can write

It still throws me for a loop that people don't use GoG Galaxy on the regular compared to Steam and EGS

*installs FFXIV in the background, updates nvidia drivers, loads discord steam and firefox*

"Bro why is my laptop running at 80 degrees there's no load"

Fruits Basket spoilers again 

And like?? If Kyo had ever sat down and talked to hanajima or listened to her story for like five seconds...

Hanajima: Yeah I was accused of murdering someone, I have arbitrary magic powers, and sometimes I forget to shower.
Kyo, internally: omg she's just like me

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Fruits Basket spoilers if you somehow haven't watched/read it yet 

The concept of Kyo's monster form is so laughable but also kind of meaningful in how arbitrary it is?

It's like. If he didn't smell bad what would the issue even be. So your true form is a big alien cat. Anyone who's seen Ben 10 is gonna be chill, my guy. You even get to keep your cargo pants what's the deal

Was nobody gonna tell me that ASUS' ROG brand meant "Republic of Gamers" before I bought the laptop???

My brain: The Caretaker's "All You Are Going to Want to do is Get Back There" will be playing on repeat for the next six hours
*horrible screeching record scratch noise*
My mouth: Hehe. Wife tummy.
*the same record scratch plays in reverse*
My brain: And now, "Mr Brightside"


I'd say the Dems are a broken record but they already sold the record player to the CDC

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All competitive games are fun until you realize that chasing the meta isn't fun and playing off-meta means you're not gonna succeed

Well, I can't access my bank now because my phone number changed. Amazing.

Signing up for a google fi phone plan is so fucking funny

This system is damn near designed for random nerds like our family who want to buy all new phones on an all new phone plan and it still can't handle basic shit like "trading in more than a single phone for the entire plan" or "choosing a new number instead of just having one slapped onto you"

It is, bizarrely enough, easier to rest when I'm not manic and freaked out about covid tests

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