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Well, it's 4:30 am, so here's the tier list as it exists so far. Thanks for joining me in this exercise in metagame deconstruction— see y'all in 1.1, when I can justify spending money on the gacha again ^^

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Wow, you sure did get me, company that owns the rights to the shop music in Shin Megami Tensei for the SNES. You really did take the W on this one, stealing all that ad revenue from my video with 0 views... Alas, my plans have been foiled~

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Got demonetized on a stream upload because there was SNES music playing....................... while I was playing an SNES game..................................

The duality of my internet: Sometimes I get 25 mb/s and sometimes I can't load five seconds of a youtube video without buffering

OH NO! CARMEN SANDIEGO HAS STOLEN YOUR subscription to The Timbuktu Edinburgh!

My favorite type of humor is a clean meme edit that requires you to have watched two or more really long anime to understand the bit

Kind of weird that there's a "do not disturb" mode that can be enabled, and getting disturbed is the default.

But yeah this is why I bite the bullet and just use webcam. I'd much rather be insulted directly instead of having people try to pick apart my ""fake persona,"" regardless of how genuine it actually is

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internet dipshits... 2 

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internet dipshits 

You know you're a shitty ddoser if the site webmaster has to fucking help you

I'm watching halloween candy reviews and I can genuinely *feel* my teeth ache

Thinking a lot about if Dwarf Fortress was a retro Japanese game with a cool pixel art title screen

Maybe in a few years when income is more stable... I think that'd be neat

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Current vibes: watching ironmouse read creepypasta at 2:35 AM on a wednesday with a slight toothache

Am I good at Truck Simulator, or is every streamer just really bad?

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