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I have stored up enough manic energy that I can and will block/mute people for putting "abandon hope embrace inevitability" nihilism on my dash. You have been warned

"Oh right, I forgot that 80% of nihilist theory on the internet is just death cult jargon trying to convince you that nihilism is the solution to the imaginary problems that nihilists are constantly making up. I'm gonna go to sleep now."

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Sometimes I stay up late at night thinking about existential things, the slow dread preventing me from falling asleep.

Then I remember Roko's Basilisk, and I burst out laughing, and then I can go to bed

Firewatch is "bad" because it's underwhelming. (Weak values.) Dark Souls is "good" because inaccessibility is a value in and of itself. (Lowering difficulty therefore reduces value.)

And when everything is about moral/monetary/social/intellectual values, and analysis is scoffed at, conservatives have the leg up over leftists.

A lot of radical and/or anti-conservative art gets thrown in the gutter without analysis in an attempt to devalue it. That's not a coincidence.

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The principle here is clear. Analysis, from the conservative view, is a tool to elevate "bad" art to mediocrity and disenfranchise "good" art by exposing it to unneeded criticism.

So, Firewatch is a "Bad Game" with a "Bad Ending." Analyzing that ending elevates it, acknowledges it, accepts it as it is instead of considering it a failure. So "Bad Ending" is taken as presumed fact, and the discussion of the game shifts to be about VALUES. (Conservatives love values.)

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...because something like Piss Christ demands to be analyzed, and so then spurs on the further analysis of tangentially related work. Piss Christ asks, WHY is this not acceptable when traditional depictions of Jesus are? WHAT does that mean for the things that you deem acceptable? HOW are you willing to defend your status quo? And so on and so forth.

There's just one problem;

Conservatives hate art analysis.

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Ironically, "video games are art" has created an entire subculture of gamers who view games how conservatives view traditional art, especially in the realm of analysis.

There is a common thread here that Art is "supposed to" get its meaning from strong values and underlying principles. That's why art of jesus is "good," but Piss Christ (1987) is "bad." Sure, this art is "bad" because it's harmful to the state of conservatism, but there's more than that...

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Sort of reverse-engineering the discussion around Firewatch has led me to believe that the current brand of video game anti-intellectualism (gameplay good, difficulty good, accessibility bad, games must have value) is spurred on by modern conservative anti-intellectualism on art (conservative art good, leftist art bad, analysis bad, art must have value)

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Voidburger's new video for Giant Bomb has me thinkin about stuff

Today in "that's definitely not how that works," people apparently think that Rune Factory 5 looks laggy in trailers because the devs spent all of their time and resources on... adding gay marriage to the game.

"Look, it really isn't anyone's fault, and the customer service guy was fine, but you guys did kinda take my money and refuse to give it back, sooooooo"

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Paypal double-paid an invoice and now I have to write a very awkward customer service review

nintendo direct 

Alright, I should talk about this game more, but it's getting late and this thread is already way too long.

Point is, I liked Berseria more. I like Zestiria more. I'm actually struggling to think of a Tales Of game that I was more lukewarm on? Maybe this one just didn't appeal to me as much.

I'll finish it off and maybe dabble in NG+ before giving my final thoughts. Who knows, it could turn around.

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Tales of Arise: Story 3 (spoiler-ish) 

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Tales of Arise: Story 2 (spoiler-ish) 

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Tales of Arise: Story (spoiler-ish) 

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Tales of Arise: Overworld 3 

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Tales of Arise: Overworld 2 

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Tales of Arise: Overworld 

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Tales of Arise: Combat 3 

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