Today, I learned that (the files which were technically different but roughly equivalent to) Usenet block lists were called "kill files". that pwns, so sad that term wasn't grandfathered in. 😔

breif mention of homophobia and godwins law 

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I fucking hate the neoliberal narrative around why NFTs are bad, man.

NFTs are bad, but we had a great discussion where everyone was on board with free culture for about two days, and now its gone again.

🔞🎨Art drop. Contains nudity. 

🔞🎨 R18+/NSFW art [Human ☿️Masc, Fantasy genitals with both a penis and vulva, DVP] 


R18 art, m/f, trans characters 

nsfw mention ramble 

long rambling post 

imagine if i drew art more than once every two months

nsfw 🔞 shitpost 

Here's the vagina dentata porn, featuring spider boy and venus fly trap girl.

cw for all the things i mentioned

#nsfw #art

nsfw 🔞 shitpost (including a nsfw sketch), bottom dysphoria feelings 

nsfw 🔞 shitpost 

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