I'm in love with the analogue horror monster. I think xey're beautiful. The audio is a pleasing frying sound, the washed out and hazy muted colours a cloud to float on.

It feels like such an actual life hack to subscribe to a wordpress RSS feed, on a website without a clear link to it.

It feels like I'm pulling a sneaky on the webmasters. Like, they don't even know this feed exists but I do~~ They thought they took it out but I have it~~

nsfw text, hot take on nsfw art 

(and by nsfw art i mean porn)

so many people lovingly render the prostate gland getting destroyed and obliterated inside the ass hole, so few people show that same love to the g-spot in the vagina 😔😔😔😔😔😔😔 cervix poking/penetration is such cringe, Draw the g-spot instead its sexier.

Jiggle physics are for fat bellies ONLY. To use them on any other body part is just fucked up. 🙅

I wish computer ergonomic shit wasn't expensive as shit. I am an old man (30) and I need a nice computer desk with a weirdly shaped keyboard and mouse and a gamer chair and big shiny graphics tablet. I need a big shiny graphics tablet, it should be huge.

Fucked up uncanny AI generated (DALL-E mini) trans men. 🔞 Nudity. 


🎨🔞 R18+ NSFW Art 

mewtwo psychic penis, or: "if you’re not born with one, manifesting a cock is fine too"

SPLC article on SubscribeStar:
(cw: article contains discussion of fascism, hate groups, and prominent fascist personalities)


Don't use SubscribeStar. Don't support artists who use SubscribeStar. (Yes, it is the same parent company as SubscribeStar dot adult)

Don't be a fascist collaborator. Do. Not. Fucking. Use. SubscribeStar.


morbius memes are so unfunny. the people are starving for a movie so bad its good. Everything is mediocre now, nothing is fun anymore.

:uwu2: hentai-free discussion, thread 3/3 

I have nothing deep to say about the creator's rationale. I don't think Anime Porn is bad ofc, but also I'm fine with 13 year olds not liking Anime Porn.

It would be weirder to argue with a 20 year old website made by a 13 year old, yanno? This kid's older than me.

Its OK for kids to set boundaries in regards to adult content. This also seems like it was an outlet for kids to be creative, making banners.

anyway check this out digivice.net/main.php

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:uwu2: hentai-free discussion, thread 2/3 

So, the tld .tk
It could be just for no reason, but i'm going on record to deduce that it's a reference to Digimon character Takeru "T.K." Takaishi. The site owner is clearly a fan of the Digmon Patamon - T.K.'s companion.

Good taste in characters, T.K. is an antifa supersoldier

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:uwu2: hentai-free discussion, thread 

What was the connection between "hentai free" banners and the Digimon fandom in the early 00s?

Was it all started by a 13 year old Digmon fan?

(Both images attached are the same, but the alt-text is split between both of them due to character limits.)


LOL (Living On-Line) will be more addictive than any drug on the market. Once you start using LOL, you will never quit. ↯94MAR

The thing which irritates me with old web nostalgia is the "oh well it's gone now" implications a lot of it makes.

There's a lot of webmasters out there making beautifully chaotic and creative sites.

I love old web nostalgia myself, and I get the appeal. I just wish people would stop pining for the past, and open their eyes to all the beauty the present web offers.

(Author's notes) 🎨🔞 R18+ NSFW Art 

might turn the shadow mewtwo into an OC, idk

The background is a 3D render of the Granite Cave Origin origin Room from Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. via the Models Resource.

This is the first piece of art I published first on my new site! I'm still uploading my back catalogue, but leave me a comment and subscribe to my RSS feed? Only if you want too...


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🎨🔞 R18+ NSFW Art 

mewtwo psychic penis, or: "if you’re not born with one, manifesting a cock is fine too"

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