I feel like killing myself is the only answer I have. I'm just at a dead end and I'd rather just fucking die than live this shitty example of a life any longer.

Its not like it's gonna effect anyone. The world will move on. My friends will move on. My boyfriend will move on.

I haven't used this in a while. But it's somewhere private enough I feel comfortable sharing my thoughts.

I am not doing well mentally. I'm on antidepressants but there are things in my life that it can't suppress.

I'm constantly worried about my future, my relationship and my life in general. I've had a few times where I've been very close to just ending it right there and then.

Im not sure how long I can keep going before it just gets too much for me.

I just realised I haven't used this in a while


I also keep forgetting that lewd things are ok on this instance XD

who knows what i'll post :p

Byt the way, if any of you play games and wanna add me or something. Heres my tag :p

Gale <3 #5304

Hiya :3

I hope you have a good day <3

Im streaming some Ring Of Elysium on twitch, come on over and chat and stuff :3

(or maybe join :D)


I also wanna join some active discord servers, dont really talk or play games with people and it kind of sucks XD

I might be streaming some games soon :D

I really want to do more stuff in the furry fandom, I feel like i dont do as much as I want and dont join in when I get the chance.

I think next year will change that :3

Feel free to dm me if you wanna talk and stuff :p

I think it's time to do some myself. :3

Hi, my names Gale and I'm a deer. I'm 22, Bi, and dating the best guy in the world :p

Love playing video games, listening to music and podcasts, and just hanging out with good friends :D

I may be a little shy and awkward but don't let that stop you from talking to me (I really like it when people talk to me xD)

Can't wait to make friends and such on here ^^

I'm kinda hoping people start using this, not the first time people have changed to another social media platform to then go back to what they were using x3

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