Everything I knew about my social life and friends came crashing down violently tonight and I don’t think I’m going to recover

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I’m drunk and horny at a party RIP

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Why are 95% of all shark girls on FA cishet white men between the ages of 16-22 who give their characters giant tits, a dick, and call them transphobic genders like "dickgirl/herm"??

I used to have a boyfriend who made me call him every night once we both got in bed. Ever since then, I’ve developed a bad habit of sitting on my phone for hours in bed trying to find someone to talk to because just going to bed doesn’t feel right. I’m actually busted uwu

I think it’s nice to have a big lazy weekend to myself, probably better that boy flaked on me

Got a surprise gift from @Inazuma !! They’re such a good friendo to me ☺️ please shower the snep with love

Was gonna have a boy over this weekend but he had to bail on the plans 😩 no love for dragon

I still can believe I spent 2 hours of my day yesterday hunting the Internet for info on some random Japanese RPGMaker game because A song from it stumbled into my YouTube playlist and I needed to find more. Why am I so awkward lol

Me getting hit with the straight white boy texts right now

‪I have this friend who’s been traveling a lot the past year and I’m like “oh wow that’s so cool” but it’s literally him just chasing women across the planet 😆 ‬

Everything’s pretty awful but whatev

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A guy I used to know is slowly working his way towards telling me he wanted to take me out on a date before he moved.

Yawn why are normies so useless and awful at flirting

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