You know you're a shitty ddoser if the site webmaster has to fucking help you

So I wake up on time because of this, and then get this... What cursed. Me. Today.

i have installed Manjaro again on my macbook because im too fucking lazy to install arch rn

When all you want to do for the day is sleep in a dog bed and not care

@MadestMadness Nb4 I ask you so I can make an hourly fennec bot for masto

music posting, minecraft sweden synthwave 

nb4 i start including both spanish/english versions of my toots

My love for Owl City goes hand in hand with Starcadian. Shutupp

Ok now that I'm no longer salty:

Shall I snag myself a 2020 iPad 8th Gen? Heard the Apple Pencil is really good for artsss

Mh; relationship shit 

I installed KDE last night on my mac running Ubuntu and it seems to run 100x better than it did on Bionic 👀

No sé cuál es mi estado de ánimo en este momento

Periodic reminder that boundaries are normal and important and /it is okay to have them./

It is okay to say no.
It is okay to not open up about the details of your life.
It is okay to be evasive when asked about the details of your life.
It doesn't make you bad.
It doesn't mean you're Hiding Something™.
It means you have healthy boundaries.

...we're still working on learning all this.

@myst Ooohh!! I've never heard of this before. Looked it up and it looks interesting..How's it like? pff

@synthgal ^^ Ahh, I'd be on Arch KDE right now, but my SSD doesnt like me so we're getting a new one soon....My macbooks literally running vanilla Ubuntu Focal, but we already know (at least..knowing me lmao) that's not staying too much longer

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