So...what's your daily driver?

@Foxxes Xubuntu, with IceWM and guake.

I like xfce's various settings menus if I'm not feeling up for terminal stuff, although sometimes those menus don't affect what they would if xfce was running.

I like IceWM's almost obnoxious minimalism and completely customizable "start" menu.

Also, guake. Although I really gotta remap the key from ~ because then I can't use the consoles in doom lol

@synthgal ^^ Ahh, I'd be on Arch KDE right now, but my SSD doesnt like me so we're getting a new one soon....My macbooks literally running vanilla Ubuntu Focal, but we already know (at least..knowing me lmao) that's not staying too much longer

@Foxxes IceWM has been fun as fuck although there docs are a little hard to understand for me, and since it's not Super Popular there's not a lot of answered questions to google

themes are bullshit easy to make tho

@myst Ooohh!! I've never heard of this before. Looked it up and it looks interesting..How's it like? pff

@Foxxes I like it a lot! Nix is a wonderful tool to work with IMO, and NixOS extends its power further. The biggest issue though is that the more you buy in, the more you're tied to it - which makes sense, but. And how you set up your user account, software installs and everything, is something I still don't have a happy solution too, for my wants. Everything is either too much or too little. That being said? Still love it. It's wonderful to use, IMO.

...Oh, and I can't really speak for the community. I'm generally scared and haven't really ever interacted with it much at all, and a friend(?) I generally trust says that someone deeply involved RN isn't a super good person? But, like, that friend still uses it despite that, so?

@Foxxes archlinux with i3-gaps as development and gaming setup

@Foxxes Just a frankensteined Debian with MATE.

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