It's so clear that my school doesn't like virtual learning but Holy shit the amounts of "gotchas" they keep throwing at me this year

My name is like.. Two hours early but who cares. I'm changing it now because I won't do it later

The most annoying thing is a radio station with only 300 tracks

I'm fixing it

I'm not sure if I should be excited someone remembered or scared that my phone just asked me if I had any plans for my birthday

Been watching Joy of Painting recently.

We didn't deserve Bob Ross omfg

I'm probably the only dumbass that actually eats the end pieces of bread loafs and calls them start pieces.

So can I call my Doctor because of an election lasting more than 4 days..?

Fun when you get dms that some angry pedo sucking up to minors on Twitter is doxing you. I love people. >.>

My brains not working did we gain another hour tonight?

This was probably referenced from something I watched recently but this was the face that kept coming into my head..but it's something I can post

Cw - NNN mention 

You know you're a shitty ddoser if the site webmaster has to fucking help you

So I wake up on time because of this, and then get this... What cursed. Me. Today.

i have installed Manjaro again on my macbook because im too fucking lazy to install arch rn

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