This pfp does not match my profile omfg

aight e6 deleted all of my friends art for 'Does not meet minimum quality standards. (Artistic).'
So I'm done with their shit. Anyone know a good alternative or should we make one?

The most genius thing I've done all year is create a website that detects Javascript is off, redirects to static page telling you to turn it back on, and automatically goes back once you turn it back on.


I have purchased an iPad.

I'm joining you procreate gang

Also have this, idefk if it's a vent or not it just kinda happened lmao

Taco bell has never gave me any sort of stomach flu and I'm wondering how it does that to people lmao

It's so clear that my school doesn't like virtual learning but Holy shit the amounts of "gotchas" they keep throwing at me this year

My name is like.. Two hours early but who cares. I'm changing it now because I won't do it later

The most annoying thing is a radio station with only 300 tracks

I'm fixing it

I'm not sure if I should be excited someone remembered or scared that my phone just asked me if I had any plans for my birthday

Been watching Joy of Painting recently.

We didn't deserve Bob Ross omfg

I'm in a bad mood.

Send dumb pics pls

Fucked up and preheated my oven to 9 AM..

I'm fucked rn so ignore my posts thanks

I'm probably the only dumbass that actually eats the end pieces of bread loafs and calls them start pieces.

So can I call my Doctor because of an election lasting more than 4 days..?

Fun when you get dms that some angry pedo sucking up to minors on Twitter is doxing you. I love people. >.>

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