god im so fucking exhausted
each morning i am waking up even more tired than the last

My posts are like messages in bottles, adrift on the electronic miasma. One washes up on your digital shore, the CW like a cork to pry loose. What message does it contain; a prophecy? A confession? A cry into the ether? You unfold the words, eager to unveil their secrets, and the message is simply: “Caw.”

*clambering onto a swingset* ah, you see, my wife and I, we’re swingers

most of my "real life" friends think being a crow furry entails nothing more than making bird puns at every opportunity, and they are right

parking in the "veterans only" parking spot because i played tf2 for 7 years and didnt become racist

advantages of being in the gba (gay bird alliance):

1. gay
2. bird
3. acronym also stands for game boy advance

progress is a lie. it doesnt matter how far back you go, wherever racism, sexism, transphobia, homophobia, or any other kind of injustice showed up, there were always people who spoke up about it. it is always possible to do the right thing, because there have always been people that do the right thing

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I highly recommend you think about birds today.

apparently the locusts are here because there's no tax today

it is 27°C and the suburbanites have descended upon the lowes like a plague of locusts

I want to live in a world where it is totally normal to be transplanted permanently into a robot body because biology is inconvenient and machines are more maintainable and aesthetically upgradeable.

Also I’d like to plug myself into my desktop via USB and be recognized as a keyboard and mouse

Remake football with only twinks. Each team gets one twunk to be placed in the position they deem him most effective.

publicly protesting customers-only washrooms by taking a shit on franchise doorsteps

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