"...And the flint and steel didn't actually make fire. They made PORTALS to the 'Nuther!"
"Ahh, portals to the Nether?"
"Yeah, the 'Nuther."

I was in animation class for a while and it was a lot of fun!! Here's a rough walkcycle of Citrine that I did while I was there.

Hopefully gifs work here?? If not, rip I guess.

mr sandman
sand me a man
make him the smoothest
200 grit can

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i guess mineralogy is the more directly applicable science to my interest but still geology as a whole is 👍

did you all know that
chemistry, geology, and metallurgy are really cool

aaaHHHHHH A FRIEND'S PARTNER did this for me and i'm scream

Glow Cyrene!!!!

sex positive isabelle + lewd words

"This Jesus guy sounds really strong! I can't wait to fight him!"

- Goku, probably

the sudden influx of homestuck mastoblogs on my tl and the fed honestly has me shook i had forgotten it was such a popular thing still.

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