hey what's up.
life fucking sucks and i haven't had the spoons or time to do anything here in a while.

People with #ADHD, are you also autistic?


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transparent silica gel do not eat pngs for all your transparent silica gel do not eat needs

my ancestors sacrificed humans to their gods from a pool of willing and armed warriors that could defend themselves, and the sacrifice was noble

your ancestors committed genocide, burned and salted the earth, tore apart centuries old nations, forced your language in our mouths and your color on my skin, and painted us so viciously that even today we're so feared that violence acted on us is encouraged if its not outright ignored

we. ain't. the. same. fam.

when you where unprepared for all the people calling you cute

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Off hand Drawing thread day 014 (MH related) 

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cw eyecontact + affection 

Off hand Drawing thread day 015 

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cw for lusty werewolf, reupload 

People be like "I can't use your preferred pronouns because I don't see you that way and you can't really force your ideals on me" meanwhile they're forcing their ideals of what they think you are on you, like ok thanks your majesty

spent my yesterday morning makin a very quick n dirty witchy pendant and necklace to go along with it.
might remake it later or patina the copper wire but for now I Am Sated.

when I am president of the world I will pass a law that says all video games need to have playable birds

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