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Hi, I'm Foos! Transfemme furry nb borzoi friend, i love plants, green tea, cassette tape futurism and black clothes. This is me and my fursona ( Art by @dirtsecret and @sleepy_gills on twitter dot com )

me want play ass creed origins but only for the educational discovery mode

*burns my house down* cant help being a Sagittarius lol!

i miss talking to that bald bitch i should hit up randy and play roblox with him again

Tired and want art of furred sona with sorrd

Finished writing a bunch of personal letters to family and friends this year for Christmas with some wax seals, burned a few but honestly I love the way it looks still

I jaywalk at Disneyland and a Disney™ Mouseketeer™ Snipes me with a tranquilizer rifle and I wake up in the middle of Mickey's dick smasher seconds before impact

Back on my bullshit :/ (the Messer is Connors)

Finally taking my time to do a bunch of house things while connor is away and im feelin GOOD!!

fucked around and bought a synthetic federschwert

*comes on to yiff dot life once every week to like some posts and be gay on main*

trebuchet terfs
but like
one of those faulty trebuchets that just slings them directly down into the ground at 150 mph

youtube show me calzone with crunchwrap supreme fillings

getting older means being incredibly horny for domestication and going to ikea

god i cant wait to go to ikea with connor to look at stuff for our house

incredibly gay on main, extremely gay on main

things im excited about for portlande:

-theres a coop within walking distance of my new house
-theres a hema club there also close by(!)
-a better more accredited school for information security
-almost every store i saw there had signs saying we welcome all races, genders, etc so tbh i feel really safe there
-im moving in with connor and honestly i cant fuckign wait to be held in their arms again

so thats what ive been busy doing instead of posting On Line

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