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Hi, I'm Foos! Transfemme furry nb borzoi friend, i love plants, green tea, cassette tape futurism and black clothes. This is me and my fursona ( Art by @dirtsecret and @sleepy_gills on twitter dot com )

the number of ppl who are alt right and retweeting my fractured metacarpal on twitter hurts me physically

Bad news: fractured my pinky
Good news: pulled a fast one on my xray technician

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I want some DAMB prizza.........................

how is it saturday??? it feels like thursday @_@

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i forgot but my snake is absolutely a sword lesbian

me: reads the word sword or lesbian in a post - INSTANTLY favorites it

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i made this for a reply to @pronatedwrists but it deserves its own post

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i love how @Foosili talks about swords. i know a lot about swords but i am learning more every day

"You have to go to UCSF for a mental health evaluation before I can prescribe you hormones. Its to protect you as well as me"

me: god i wish i had pizza...
connor: you wish you had peets?
me: that too

for every person that likes horny art with me in it i get stronger

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Has anyone seen Mandy? Is it any good?? I wanna see it

Rly wanna make lil figurines for my future house hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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