One of the weirdest side-effects of going by my chosen name and having it legally changed and all that is that I sometimes wonder how I ever went by my deadname... like.. people used to call me *that*??? Fucking ew that doesn't fit at all

Ahhhhh I keep forgetting to use this platform >.<

I've got some cool stuff I'm working on, I plan on sharing more about it soooon

So.. I've figured I'm almost certainly not going to return to school next senester.. I don't know what my future holds, but existing in a hell space that's slowly killing me isn't working out. I want to be happy first, the learning can come later... I just hope that I can figure out how to survive without financial support anymore. Maybe streaming on twitch will actually prove beneficial for once.

8 weeks into the semester and I have absolutely 0 energy and motivation to work. The more time that goes on, the more I doubt my ability to graduate in spring. Fucking 5 years at this school still isn't enough time, starting to think I am just fucking stupid.

Today sucls so i decided I wanted to get back into Apex, so I reinstalled windows and the game. Hopped into the firing range to relearn shit, felt good, no crashes, no glitches... I get into my first game, and I do super well, solo-wiped 2 squads, though that's probably more due to matchmaking putting me low bc I haven't played in a bit, then fucking bam, game crash in the middle of the firefight, leading to my squad dying, after i got back, in the ring trying to outrun the other squad. Fuck me.

I found a new way to multiply a variable by 2 and it's beautiful:


College Rants 

Windows is the Worst ( by Waaten: )

I could rant for hours about windows (and really every consumer OS, they all have glaring flaws) but I don't think anyone wants to hear that, and the emotion is expressed quite accurately in the piece... it's just the fucking worst...

My mind is not present...

I go to school, attend classes, take out my notebook, get ready to write, the professor starts lecturing, and my mind is not present...

I stare at the screen, at my notebook, and nothing is getting processed, nothing is sticking, my notebook lies empty with nothing but the header for the class, because my mind is not present...

I don't know what's going on anymore, nothing feels right, I miss friends, I miss family, but my mind is not present....

It seems nearly every social media platform is throwing up "Register to Vote" banners, which is absolutely wonderful to see! Fucking vote!
There's just the problem of I've already registered to vote and none of these systems seem to have *ANY* ability to get them to go away...
Like I've already done the thing you're telling me to do please stop fucking annoying me I just want to look at pictures of cats and shit I'm already gonna vote please stop!!!

Can I just uhhhhh


k thx bye

I'm really glad the smoke has finnally cleared here in WA, I missed the stars..

Now if the rest of the ignorant fucks in this country could die already that'd be pretty nice. I miss seeing my friends..

Wear a fucking mask morons

Sexual content and orientation confusion I guess? 

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Sexual content and orientation confusion I guess? 

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Sexual content and orientation confusion I guess? 

Khaleesi is finally starting to feel at home, exploring the apartment and whatnot! She has the most adorable meow I've ever heard, it's wonderful

Tried my hand at making pizza last night! Not the greatest result but learned a lot in the process, making the crust is so dang difficult >.<

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