yALL look at this shit right here which is on a page that i currently possess

shout out to @Fireflufferz for being incredibly talented and also a super fucking cool dude

oh! i hadnt posted this yet, but @Fireflufferz animated a sketch i got from him :3

"you got suspended does that mean you're moving to mastodon full time now?"

fuck no

oh, the vroom cars? you know i do the vroom cars real good on the videoed games

Animated a commission in After Effectssss ya boi learned 2.5D face rigging!

Song is Adam & the Evil by Clarence Clarity -- the character is Pierce from my story Kodokushi
"The sins of our fathers
they start to add up
undress to our curses
and forget-me-nots"

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I grew up with Vocaloid PVs so I wanted to shake off some rust with After Effects and try to make a quick one too haha

we need a werewolf gf who poo poo her entire diapey

good morning theres a new clarence song out today and im very excited

ya boy just walked for 2 hours straight playing pokemon go

NSFW art wip 

lofi hip hop radio - beats to relax/draw hyper tail autofellatio to

sandwich guy asked me what kinda meat i wanted and i fucken phased out and was like "whatever you want! i dont mind" so im ordering ubereats from now on

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Boy I'm At SubWay and.... Gotdam uhhhhhhhhhhhh.......................................


Symptoms of Bottom Disorder

- keysmashing
- owning cats or being a cat person
- wearing sweaters that are too big for you in a way that the sleeves go down your hands
- Luigi is your favorite Nintendo
- seeing that the other person is typing and waiting for them to finish
-still bites their nails

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