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Commissions open! Prices start at $50 per character, backgrounds and fancy clothes cost extra. I do single character images, group shots, and sequence images! I draw furries, humans, animals, monsters; nonbinary, trans or cis! i do not draw genitals. Send me a DM if you want one!

@BestGirlGrace you would not believe the kinds of thinks @Balina says about you behind your back

originally i was just using picrews to make portraits, and i might keep doing so to help give me a foundation that's out of my own head?

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redrawing npc portraits for my game, and fuckin loving what dramatic lighting does for them.

Maja Strand on the left, Nathalie Næss on the right

the villain squad has twins who had a rant about how robots can't ever feel freedom with a soul that was given to them by someone else.

the enemy team has a guy who kills people for being strong and powerful and rich, working alongside a guy who kills people for being weak, or helping the weak.

but no, i'm expected to judge grimnir because he unironically uses wind metaphors and calls himself a god of war

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i'm fuckin baffled by dragalia lost trying to like, sell me on grimnir being cringe. fuckin fantasy game about summoning dragons within yourself through the power of your dragonblood of nobles. the main villain right now is the true 7th scion who died and was covertly replaced by euden.

but like, no, grimnir's cringe. they go too hard on all this fantasy. they're being too earnestly into all this.

lil imp dogs with huge boobs and they're nakey 

slime, vore, tf, furry, possession, sfw 

i require the lowest cut, itty bittiest bottoms for my glam.

pros of miqo'te foxglove:
extremely smoochable lips
unbelievably pretty
titties out
flumfy tail
ear wiggles
squat sit
really good emotes
me kitty cat ;^;
no like really fuckin drop dead gorgeous
v butch

cons of miqo'te foxglove
no jiggle tits
i have a fem only outfit on this account
get misgendered in a different and worse way
i do the more boring version of the bees knees dance.

i don't wanna have to watch all the character backstories in dragalia lost, i just want my wyrmite so i can get human mercury and child ranzal

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what if i could have dragalia lost just give me all the wyrmite i have stored up in cutscenes without watching a bajillion cutscenes

i am real and @fluxom_alt's friend. repost if you are also real and @fluxom_alt's friend.

Wing-it for @Balina

I'm starting to think I just really like drawing short characters and lots of arms

NSFW, monster enbies got they tiddis out and also a vampire sucks on a cute loccubus and hypnotize an au'ra and also loccubus found they glasses

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NSFW, monster enbies got they tiddis out and also a vampire sucks on a cute loccubus and hypnotize an au'ra 

just wanna be able to hold our own hands and hug and look ways we each like

nsfw buncha short monster enbies who decided today's a tiddi out kinda day 

like, ok, we have a lot of sonas. a few that even come in a trio of foxglove, lilac, and lavender. but nothing that's all 5 of us, as our own unique but linked selves.

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i desperately need a sona (well, 5 sonas) that lets we be plural, and also have one lil communal place to come from.

my commissions are currently open for all of next week! if you'd like a pic, but don't have an idea, i also offer wing-its for $105! everything other than the price sheet was a wing-it commission

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