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Commissions open! Prices start at $50 per character, backgrounds and fancy clothes cost extra. I do single character images, group shots, and sequence images! I draw furries, humans, animals, monsters; nonbinary, trans or cis! i do not draw genitals. Send me a DM if you want one!

callout post, lewd 

on a completely unrelated aside: if we ever post a character with a purple flower for a name, it's one of us. we almost always name ourselves and characters we're playing after purple flowers.

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Chara "Larkspur"
(They/Them, Gendervoid)

The first NPC from the TTRPG I'm DMing; Larkspur fan translates Mediterranean books for the local Sky Pirate fandom.

when you type out that you're crying, do you usually mean it literally irl?

furry art, big breasts 


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what california city has the worst breakfast? 

I call my tits the ed-boys 

quick, someone help me out by figuring out choco neo pronouns

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-bo variants that don't get talked about enough:

from the traditional pronouns, there are herbos and itsbos

but them you get into the neopronouns: faerbos, embos, xembos, hirbos, nembos, verbos, aerbos...

not every neo pronoun having ditz has bi/bim pronouns!!

i believe in balina. clap if you believe in balina too

you fuckin dweebs understand bonfires are actual things, right

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oh to be a big tiddi thembo relaxing next to a big bonfire

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