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Commissions open! Prices start at $50 per character, backgrounds and fancy clothes cost extra. I do single character images, group shots, and sequence images! I draw furries, humans, animals, monsters; nonbinary, trans or cis! i do not draw genitals. Send me a DM if you want one!

cleaned up and coloured @Ophillous's new sona >:) versions with and without eyebrows!

this was hella fun to design and draw!

Vampire polyamory b/c each person is supposed to wait 8 weeks between blood donations.

yeah i'm an expert in HTML,

H ot
T rans
M echa
L adies

Otter mix furries, one's got their tiddy out. 

gender's asleep post enbies 

what if snakes made memes 

oh i love this song it's so whistful in a light and fun way oh right it's about 9/11.

you ever just wanna listen to a fun song about being eaten piece by piece by your cannibal girlfriend except when you looked up the lyrics everyone made it very clear that the song is an allegory for an abusive relationship and now it's kind of hard to unlearn that?

mood: turning fictional creatures and kinks based on normally derided mental disabilities into affirmation.

gender's asleep post enbies 

gender's asleep post enbies 

gender's asleep post enbies 

Pokemon, Hyper kitsune, no nudity 

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