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Commissions open! Prices start at $50 per character, backgrounds and fancy clothes cost extra. I do single character images, group shots, and sequence images! I draw furries, humans, animals, monsters; nonbinary, trans or cis! i do not draw genitals. Send me a DM if you want one!

how to draw a butterfly anthro

just like, add arms. more arms. more arm. just the thickest man.

if you don't have a picture of your fursona as a kid, then they trans and just don't wanna look at themself before starting their transition.

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moth thembo IN SPAAAAAAACE 

it's been a long time coming, but i've finally drawn the third of @fluxom_alt's sonas, stardust

they are a little extra

i even have the specific tattoo i want: this on the back of my left hand

i'm short on money, like actively in debt, but i want a tattoo so bad. gimme the sweet tatt pls.

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money and art as work 

nsfw, breast expansion 

draw quick art for your friends by adding background characters to your images.

nsfw, breast expansion 

drew my latest rpg character. Fox-Fire is a thembo cowboy spell-slinger

Drew one of Sky's fellow squadron members. Here's Friedrich. It might not be clear but he's changed more than basically anyone else in the group.

art of smoking, multiple eyes 

@Rei i think i forgot to friend you on ffxiv before leaving to make an fc with sans. lemme know when would be a good time to remedy that

art of smoking, multiple eyes 

i love picrew, because it lets me make all of we quickly, and like, need to sus out how to do so with these limited tools.

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