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L: ok, one last change, we are going to make a new account on this instance since Fiamma is only just one of our headmates

L: aaaa, idk if I should use this one or as our main. I guess the question is which one is better for being horny on main

L: wow, time to edit bio because shit changed a bunch since then lol

Moving account, DID, Plurality, Positive stuffs tho 

Life has been weird this whole day, finally feel like I can sleep tho, so g night y'all

political shitpost 

I'm so bored and hate myself that I started wondering what these would taste like as a pizza topping

Makin myself one of those Red Baron deep dish pizzas, gonna vore that fuckin crunchy bitch soon

DSPD is hella messing up my life as usual, gotta cancel my endocrinologist appointment now.... Wait, i don't even know the address. I'm a mess. Gonna stay up till sun starts rising I guess

We need to start learning how to use a high school science lab to make life saving drugs.
We need to start learning how to support our communitiesβ€”and to create communitiesβ€”outside of the legal system. And, yeah, to learn how to protect and defend them.

drive-thru lady asked me "ma'am do you want a top"

i said "usually!" before realizing she meant for the thing i ordered

she spend the rest of the transaction trying not to laugh and now i'm having an existential crisis in a dairy queen parking lot

Vent, hypnosis kink 


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