Yiff yiff! I should probably post here more…


Welp guess I’m getting spit roasted for the first time on the 15th. Wish me luck?


guys I failed no nut november

Latex / Lewd Joke 

Would two latex goo beings hugging be considered an exchange of bodily fluids? 🤔

Slightly fetishy 

Fun fact: My fursona is made out of latex goo. Whenever she doesn’t want to get latex goo everywhere, she wears a fursuit based on herself.


Who wants nudes? Exchange in DMs. :3

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What even is the point of my AD twitter if my friends aren't posting nudes or interacting with mine :sadcowboy:

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sims 4, lewd, screenshot 

So after I finally figured out how to use the Furry mod for appearances, an easy cheat mod to disable mood decay, I stumbled across a nudity mod and a whole lot more.

Now my tiger guy just spends all day in bed masturbating, and getting extra happiness whenever he cums on his chest/face.

I need to get him a boyfriend.


Here’s some more yiff of my sona. This time with my double dicked friend giving me DP. :3

After Dark Talk 

Would this a good instance to make an AD account on? As in, for posting IRL nudes? If not, anyone have any suggestions?


Haven’t posted here in a while. Have some Bowser. :3

@renatolond Hey, there seems to be a problem with the crossposter where if I post a CW post with an image, the image is completely ignored. Image isn't cross-posted and there's no link to the Mastodon status. Also, is there no way to have the crossposter repost sensitive images to Twitter? This account is linked to a NSFW Twitter so it's fine for me to crosspost the images to Twitter.

This was supposed to include an image on Twitter...

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So, VRChat's open beta now lets you attach photos to invites and I may or may not be a flaming homosexual.

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Starting now I’ll be making conscious effort to use Mastodon over Twitter. More specifically, I’ll be more active here (@FayneAldan) and on my NSFW account (@FayneAldan) and all my posts on Mastodon will be automatically cross-posted to Twitter.

Let me make sure I understand this instance’s rules correctly. Anything NSFW I post here needs a content warning and to be unlisted, is that correct?

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