The new Measure app said I’m 18” soft. I am pretty sure it’s a little bit off but I’ll go with it for now.

Oh come on, like you haven’t measured yourself already.

As long as we're being horny on main: In light of Stormy Daniels' comments comparing... that guy... to Toad? WHAT'S WRONG WITH A MUSHROOM HEAD?

Lowkey ft. a dirty mirror, awful lighting, and the new mohawk. I'm gonna redo this after work tonight since LOOK AT MY NEW HAIR

Look y'all I still have no idea how Mastodon works and despite all my efforts, this UI makes no sense. I don't know where I'm supposed to be looking. Help?

Today I started working on extending my fursuit's hairline forward. Even without gluing anything down or cutting fur yet, I'm SO excited about how this will look.

Submitted without comment. 'cuz you know what I'm thinking.

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I'm still not really sure what Mastodon is, and at this point I'm kind of afraid to ask, but HERE WE ARE i guess

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