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Hello all! My name is Electrum and I am a shark cow (makow is the term I've started using) trans girl. I'm somewhere around demisexual I think. She / Her pronouns please <3

New to mastodon, but I'm already loving pretty much everything about it!

I get lots of commissions, I'm pretty gay, and sometimes I can be pretty sad (but with the ability to CW those posts, I won't feel as bad about it)

This'll be my personal account, so it'll be random posts.

:heart_trans: :ms_shark:

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on today’s weird dream Show more

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Suddenly grumpy and tired. Which also is upsetting cause I wanted to relax and play videogames...

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I’m really tired. And gay. But mostly tired.

I stayed up late

I helped move a couch

I played some video games

Tomorrow isn’t going to be great but I’ll make it through I suppose.

Goodnight everyone! Love you all!

Home brewing a character in DnD

Me: “my special class ability is to cast spells as a bonus action”

My gm: “ok but what will you do with your action?”

Me: “idk, chill?”

My gm: “well like, what attacks will you do with your regular action?”


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ALSO: here's my half of a trade with @fluxom_alt of her angelic cat/beetle character and her Capricorn-themed zodiac magical girl character locked in HEATED BATTLE. sort of. well, ONE of them is, anyways

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