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Hello all! My name is Electrum and I am a shark cow (makow is the term I've started using) trans girl. I'm somewhere around demisexual I think. She / Her pronouns please <3

New to mastodon, but I'm already loving pretty much everything about it!

I get lots of commissions, I'm pretty gay, and sometimes I can be pretty sad (but with the ability to CW those posts, I won't feel as bad about it)

This'll be my personal account, so it'll be random posts.

:heart_trans: :ms_shark:

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I am so excited for the dnd game I'm playing this weekend.

I get to play a dumb kid who's being dragged around by her "uncle" on dungeon delving.

He isn't related to her, but she's an orphan and he wants her around because she is really strong.

She's just happy to have someone who cares about her.

Plus it's like an internship! He wants to teach her all that he knows.

The last three hours of work are so tough lately. Like I'm fine with everything then the last three hours hit and I'm slowly dying

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content warning because I feel like this needs a content warning even though I'm not really sure what to classify it under, somewhere between self deprication and ideation? in all honesty I'm just hurting Show more

I feel sorta just emotionally numb this morning

Today was a really bad day. I'm feeling a little bit better emotionally, and less sick.

Really glad I got to play a game with a friend, because heck I was feeling really lonely.

Hello yes, can someone save me from this big sad I am experiencing?

Finally home, now I can curl up and and cry myself to sleep

You ever want to message someone in hopes that they will talk to you and help make you feel less lonely except when you go to message them you think otherwise because they are probably busy?

That's me with pretty much all my close friends right now

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