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Hello all! My name is Electrum and I am a shark cow (makow is the term I've started using) trans girl. I'm somewhere around demisexual I think. She / Her pronouns please <3

New to mastodon, but I'm already loving pretty much everything about it!

I get lots of commissions, I'm pretty gay, and sometimes I can be pretty sad (but with the ability to CW those posts, I won't feel as bad about it)

This'll be my personal account, so it'll be random posts.

:heart_trans: :ms_shark:

mh (-), self harm 

mh (-), suicide mention 

All I ever hope for in life, is to be ok

To wake up ok

To spend the day ok

And to go to bed ok

It doesn't even have to be great, I just want it to not be bad.

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LEWD!!! KorpsCon 

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nsfw, stream line, KorpsCon 

Hug this shark

Hold her close and don't let go

She needs it right now

"Sometimes you don't want to take out your whole Dab Apparatus"
~ @Electrum on the benefits of the ""Pocket Dab""

mh, pol (-) 

Today I'm having trouble focusing, feeling kinda scattered and all over the place, and focusing on one thing is difficult.

Doesn't help that I'm alone in the office at work today, no one to chat with to take a break from work

cursed ffxiv 

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mh (-) 



Can my depression please fuck right off?

I'm really REALLY sick of it right now.

mh (-) 

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