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The Order of the Midnight Sun

Nittimur in vetitum semper cupimusque negata

A family for those who never had one, those who need one, or those who want a new one.

A star upon which to stay our minds on and be staid.

If you're wondering what my new tattoo is of

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Hello all! My name is Electrum and I am a shark cow (makow is the term I've started using) trans girl. I'm somewhere around demisexual I think. She / Her pronouns please <3

New to mastodon, but I'm already loving pretty much everything about it!

I get lots of commissions, I'm pretty gay, and sometimes I can be pretty sad (but with the ability to CW those posts, I won't feel as bad about it)

This'll be my personal account, so it'll be random posts.

:heart_trans: :ms_shark:

Soda fountain fruit punch always comes with the disclaimer "0% fruit juice" and we think about that a lot

Be Gay. Do Crimes. ACAB. Stonewall was a Riot.

You know, now would be a real good time to have some loved ones to hold you close, huh?

"And love all you can, in the end it’s what defines you"

police brutality, racism 

We got to meet one of Scarlet's past significant others in a dream. She was... beyond words. Beautiful, powerful, stunning...

Hey everyone, thanks for sticking around and being supportive while we weren't doing too great. Life is real stressful right now and we are only just getting to take a break.

We went down a rabbit hole of yoyo trick tutorial videos and it's just straight up magic.

"Ok so first you do a side throw, then you flying man on a trapeze and his brother, then you pick up this slack section of the string and wrap it around the yoyo three times, then throw the yoyo into the air and while it's there whip the loose string so that the yoyo lands on it, then pull your throwing hand upward and the yoyo will make you a full english breakfast."

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Literally what the fuck are yoyos and how do they fit that much magic in a small device?

"You'll move on"
"You'll get over it"


No I won't. I'll just eventually forget.

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Gender reseal party where you take everyone's genders and repack then into fake boosterpacks and then everyone drafts genders

Would you miss us if we stopped posting and using Mastodon?

Uninstall discord
Uninstall telegram
Delete social media accounts

And presto, alone

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