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Hello all! My name is Electrum and I am a shark cow (makow is the term I've started using) trans girl. I'm somewhere around demisexual I think. She / Her pronouns please <3

New to mastodon, but I'm already loving pretty much everything about it!

I get lots of commissions, I'm pretty gay, and sometimes I can be pretty sad (but with the ability to CW those posts, I won't feel as bad about it)

This'll be my personal account, so it'll be random posts.

:heart_trans: :ms_shark:

I'm really bad at this whole "feeling good about yourself" stuff

Now that I have finished hanging with friends and am laying down in bed, it's time to feel like everything bad that happened is my fault! Woohoo!

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Me while not fully awake: if fruit salad is a bunch of different fruits mixed together, would yogurt salad be a bunch of different yogurts mixed together?

My brain: Logan?

Me: ... Logan salad?

My brain: yes

Me: no

The more I find out how expensive stuff is, like surgeries and stuff, the more I realize I need to win the lottery or something

I'm planning on getting a haircut tomorrow, and my plan is to go in and ask for "maximum lesbian" for my style

whatever that means, thats what I want

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Am I...

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You know, that Christ guy is rather okay, a shame about his fandom
~ @Electrum

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