Since @polaroid said they couldn't fit a cap in due to the antlers, I had to draw them trying a hat, which is a good excuse as any other to draw them in a Santa outfit! At least I found some color pencils lying around.

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It's and I have taurified a character that has not been even 24 hours since I drew them for the first time.
I still have to work on the tail insertion, and maybe some colors.

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Another batch of drawings! Since I didn't really have any OCs, I drew a couple: a ram and a hyena-shark hybrid.
I really need to get better at poses.

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It's taursday and I can't celebrate it, remember to congratulate your four (or more) legged friends!

Drew a couple of robots, I should stop drawing at 2am

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People doing great stuff for taursday and I'm still sucking at everything I draw

House status: father playing on his speakers house covers of 20s songs.

A taur I drew at like 2:30 am last night.

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Rambling about practicing drawing Show more

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Bad news: fractured my pinky
Good news: pulled a fast one on my xray technician

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