Whoops, I have been offline for an awfully long time. At least I have been sketching all this time. Have a 5 minutes moth.

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I drew a sketchpage with pen and decided to color one of the robots in it.

A quick sketch and lazy coloring of a moth that deserves better.

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Also did a simple animated one since I had the idea of it being an idle sprite for a battle screen

Damn, I did a quick drawing of @Ace and his husband @Rybark and after using a couple of pics as refs I just now have seen a pic of them that is basically the same I have drawn.

Also I drew too high on the paper and couldn't finish the ear due to being already on the border. I hope you two like it, in spite of all my fuckups!

Wanted to sketch something quickly and realized I haven't drawn pokémon in years. Here's my attempt at drawing @Dakoriolf 's avatar, my interpretation of pixel-art isn't the best, if the hair should be different let me know!

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An attempt at doing a headshot of the sharkyeen, tried doing some scaling to see if the results were better than usual..
I have to get a drawing tablet or something, I take too long for just drawing, scanning, cleaning and painting.

And another drawing, this time it's @lillyfox 's sona playing tennis, because why not? Next time I should use references for stuff other than the character.

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