This blackbird was looking for caterpillars to eat in the leaf litter, look at how he digs through it with his beak.

Some time ago I recreated my sharkyeen character in SL, here are some pics with a drawing for comparison. Also took the chance to change the design a bit, opinions are welcomed!

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I downloaded an app on my phone so I could draw when I don't have pencils and stuff around.
It's not bad, drawing with the fingers is kinda clumsy, but being able to move the image around and rotate it without having to go through menus is pretty handy.

So Lyo wanted to know how he would look like as a cerberus, and I felt like giving him a hand, or a couple of heads. Also where did he get that burger from?

Remember to note down the e-mail account you used to log in mastodon so you don't get locked out of your account for two months because you were trying to log in using the wrong e-mail.

For Surgery-S on FA, her character Alice getting to a vantage point, probably looking for some adventure.

Drew this moth for someone on Discord, I hope you like her as much as she likes buggos!

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Whoops, I have been offline for an awfully long time. At least I have been sketching all this time. Have a 5 minutes moth.

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