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the Fenris system official facet list. (i think its complete) 

1 - werewolf (definetly the oldest)
2 - western style cosmic/star dragon.(doesnt appear often)
3- red panda
4 - binturong
5 - white eastern dragon (more ngative)
6 - black eastern dragon (less negative
7 - kitsune
8 - kobold
9 - sabertooth
10 - behemoth
11 - bear (varies)
12 - bull (varies sorta)
13 - lion
14 - kangaroo
15 - baphomet
16 - gator
17 - moose
18 - stag
19 - elk
20 - cobra

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the Fenris system official facet mode shell list 

all facets have the posibility to also have a alternate 'mode' all facets have the posibility to have all modes but not every facet has every mode

1 - synth
2 - slime
3 - symbiote
4 - multi limbed (any limb, but super super rare)
5 - squeaky, (pooltoy and the like)
6 - bdsm (includes most branches of kinks such as leather)
7 - muscle
8 - girl (also very rare, but it does indeed happen.)

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13th facet in the system, smells like buttered popcorn. is a most soft and excellent daddy again. lives somewhere on the same focus branch as kobold drako

Binturong Drako! (i can only do so much with HF one day im going to have to commission shit)

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further bio stuff 

i just talk alot about my day or my kobold or just about cannabis, expect the unexpected
feel free to respond to me i dont mind, if i delay its cause im probably tired or i just cant right then. after all i am autistic. it will take a while to be friends but you have to interact to get there! and lots of times its hard for me to interact first

if you dont cw i dont like you.
on that note if youre a racist, facist, abelist or well anything along those lines you can fuck off

had to double take because i read "ambitious gang leader" as "ambiguous gender"

theres this shirt that i need like 5 of cause it says "kiss monsters"

recent cop bs related, kobold and i took a walk story 2/3 

years ago, just because i was with a friend who had a warrent, a bench warrent mind you that she totally didnt even realize she had.

they had us standing there for an hour, and were getting extremely pissed, trying to intimidate and isolate me.


cause i had a clean record.
and to them, that was suspicious and i had to be guilty of something.
just because i existed.

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recent cop bs related, kobold and i took a walk story 2/3 

if we walked in front of it they could accuse us of scoping the place out, if we even LOOK at that gas station. just because we are two individuals around at night.

they dont need anything else and they will make you guilty. just because they feel like it.

proof is in the pudding. a man should be thanked but, the man is being deported. walked out in handcuffs.

ive always told kobold you never trust them, and you never say a word to them

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recent cop bs related, kobold and i took a walk story 1/2 

so our usual route for a daily walk, only takes about half an hour. we almost never walk at night just because usually we are doing other things or hes at work

the usual route takes us around a gas station.

well its closed, and i tell him no, we cant walk in front of the gas station

he gets a little befufddled when we reached near it but turned instead to go elsewhere and go back home

i tell him, cops~

just want to draw meself but theres just never a spoon available for it.

ableism, racism, 

just a curious search led me to a vast dump-truck of ableist bullshit with under toning racism. good job stupid white people. gooood fuckin job.

im so fucking glad you fucks are using us like soapboxes. while damning us in the same note.

shouldnt be a surprise that as im cringing from article titles on the side "which racial ethnic group has the highest prevelence of autism" that it also touts on ABA


Food, vore adjacent, kaiju 

Hahaha i was just doing it for fun but when i got home i realized why it seemed so fun

quite the busy day so far, up early, getting things done, played games with kobold and friends then managed to do some plant stuff that needed done.

now i think ill take some chill time.

the fog bank has rolled in

yet youre not anywhere near a body of water

dont mind it, its just your local kaiju :cannabis_leaf:

hey its 6 am and ive already been up for two hours, isnt that a pip.

no...the fuck it is...

think ill work on my cool writing creations. i have a combat system im working on that focuses on predetermined combat stances.

- irl 'friend', irritated kaiju, putting an end to it. 

the lengthy message was finally just sent, i couldnt sit here waiting for the festering emotions to subside. so i stood up for a change instead of letting him get away with it for the umpteenth time.

i threw it all in his face, and called him a bad friend. then said dont bother myself and kobold. not even to apologize.

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made a kaiju based insult: "i wouldnt eat you with someone elses mouth..."

i have this lengthy message, which is polite, concise and utterly devastating all prepared for that so called friend...

yet as i sit here i havent sent it.
even though ive been wronged.

thanks you stupid human for ruining my morning...

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