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hf may be simple but at least it can let me do some changes

lo and behold, horse dad.

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further bio stuff 

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the irony i dont understand, the ups guy moves really fast and hes always in such a hurry hustle.. but yet... hes never delivered a thing to this house on time XD

if you always hurry like that, are you late everywhere?

oh thats not fair...

new vr game i been waiting for arrives and i dont have my space setup...i had to take it down and havent put it back up

and its a temptation.

got through a fair amount of my book today atleast.

I wonder about strange things sometimes...these plants like this nutrient water mix, so plants drink water, the big wonder? If they like it so much I wonder what it might taste like.

Not that I'll find out but, idk it's an unknowable question

Was thought to be having a good morning. Then in swept some sort of blah bummer mood to pittle on my parade for utterly no reason

My tarot deck focuses on All characters depicted in it be nonbinary and I didn't know that when I bought it but that's pretty fuckin cool.

Like the person says it in their book

Taking my coffee, my book I've been meaning to read more of and my hippie Himbo couture outside for a little fresh morning air

Okay here's some nerd himbo obsession for you

I'm finding it so cool that if I'm monitoring the co2 in my grow I have noticed it cycles up and down by large volumes

This means that the plants are resperating in big slow breaths in and out

It's so fuckin cool

my craft rambling now.. 

also thinking about taking up sowing my own clothes or stuff. i used to be a bit of a savant with a sowing machine.

i shouldnt have but i needed those brightly colored harem pants..

at least i can, sort of take the day off to rest my back.

:cannabis_leaf: grow update 

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Had a great night's sleep but I'm paying the piper for it all with the back pain today

and they dont tell you how hard horticulture is on the back...

need to rent a boyfriend to rub my back, lol

totally forgot about how i intended to break out my new tarot set

got way too busy with all the growing stuff i just let it pass me by

:cannabis_leaf: grow update 

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