cmon greys anatomy, why you gotta make me cry...


cannabis? canna dis 

if your shitty domain got blocked and youre mad about it. well...

die mad about it.


i love this instant pot, just the whole set it forget it scenario. cause right now dinners being cooked and i dont have to fuck with it for an hour.

the irony of my 'care manager' from my medicaid not even getting as much for services from the health insurance the company provides her.

makes no sense.

hey @shadow8t4 shut up.

fucking gay fox yipping. (joking though.. love you)

oh so thats why legend of mana isnt releasing till then even though it could...

fucking switches are delaying it. leave it up to the handheld that thinks its a console.

and theres literally no other reason for the release date. they want to release in japan only mind you, a physical edition plus crap.

sooo uh... why anybody else have to wait for your shitty not console?

trust me im not nearly awake as i seem. typing is more an articulated key smash

Good MOOning folks!

coffee acquired already and hair dealt with lets see what the day brings!

this bull is gonna grab his teddy and head to bed. night night friends

cannabis time, gummies 

hm, what should i try to make for dinner...

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