i just ordered the stuff so i can make :ms_weed: gummies, in the shape of :ms_weed:

cannabis time 

catapult.co artlcle re: religious evangelists and disabled people 

yeah since its that... im leaving my announcements up, ill come back around to boost it. see yall there

mothers day cw request 

the bottle said cherry limeade, but.. i taste grass

been rather absent today, it wasnt really a great day so i just kept to myself. but im alright, nothing to worry about.

right... todays saturday, i thought it was sunday for some reason

oh yeah im out of smokes, and its goign to stay that way, i told kobold if i cant get myself to quit over time then its gotta be done the hard way. still have vape stuff so i can manage but no more smoking.

when a movie has a gay love undertext so good and then it has a beautiful moment at the very end and you cry a little.

spiritualism, wicca, good vibes for me 

way of the house husband, okay i support this. being a badass house husband? whos also some badass cook? and is badass about taking care of their partner?

its my life.

Being tired is not a badge of honor. It doesn't make you more worthy, it just means you're tired.

debating doing the stream adjustments either now or this evening.

kobold agreed that i should get this 7 in 1 instant pot. yay... this will help even more for my diet plans as i dont spare myself the time or effort to cook meals for myself. something simple i can just not effort will make me trick my own bullcrap into eating properly like i want.

MH+ PH+ 

kobold is off to bed, gonna do errands later, already took care of some stuff so.. most of the day is honestly chill time before errands

good MOOning fedi

coffe time is already here, coffee acquired.

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