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:ms_weed: posting 

hm... coffee is gone, and house stuff has been managed, i think actually ill make a change and go play some console games for a bit. im still not quite ready for the day.

my kobold is playing console games with his work friends... they call out to do this that or the other all the time.. its just funny to me that people have to do that to efficiently play a game as a team

My hair/beard situation is getting to the point where when I wear a bathrobe I emit strong aspiring cult leader vibes

index update 

Good BORFING! i staye dup way too late so i slept half my day. silly video games. gonna fetch me coffee and try to get some more painting done today, thats the plan!

Choosing to play some nice console games for a bit

tired and its only 7 pm.. wanna get more commission painting done but as said... tired

been working on the painting. literally just a bit more to go with armor details (i may hope i never have to do complicated armor paints anytime soon again lol)

doings some writing, eating dinner, will be doing the former later and trying to get some more painting done

index trouble, got a response 

index issues (vr) continued 

good morning folks. coffee already acquired and gonna see if i can make today better than its predecessor

:ms_weed: posting 


oh...lovely... now my index decided to shit the bed... i would like to scream now.

ph- continued from other mentions 

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