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the Fenris system official facet list. (i think its complete) 

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the Fenris system official facet mode shell list 

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13th facet in the system, smells like buttered popcorn. is a most soft and excellent daddy again. lives somewhere on the same focus branch as kobold drako

Binturong Drako! (i can only do so much with HF one day im going to have to commission shit)

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further bio stuff 

maybe this year ill be able to throw a little yule party for my friends.

cannabis growing 

cannabis grow update 

my general vibe is to only be understood as this
*enormous dog laying on floor*
*you do all you can to get them up*
*you give up cause that wuff is super lazy and just grunts at you and lays in his spot*

perhaps this explains it. i can only explain with vibe.

we furries are simple creatures...

we see a cute furry or hottie and we wanna fuck it.

we are just very loving.

solution?, just put on some lofi and sip my coffee

so i put in my telegram get it complete, my phone gives me a notif that im just dying over

telegram : "dear Daddy- blahblahblah"

well the good news is i have, i suppose like any linux user?, made a workaround for my wifi adapter issue. wasnt using the one i had and it was being troublesome, the adapter was too slow. so i just moved the whole box and all and ethered my pc again (i moved it and it couldnt be ethered where i moved it)

it wasnt the solution i was seeking BUT it was a solution

i know youll see me gassing on about linux now, i promise it will pass, its just nice the freedom and control i have over my own pc now. its a breath of fresh air for me. i feel like i own my pc entirely now.. strange that seems like a new feeling

tootle is a little odd but i like how smooth it looks. just to have something that isnt taking up the browser ALL the time.

gonna take almost 7 hours to format a drive.. yikes..

well at least i have firefox up, hello from linux.

found a linux that im into, prepping to do all that today and just wipe out windows. at least i wont deal with that grossness anymore. or be told what i should and shouldnt have and what i should and shouldnt like..

eat my glorious ass windows..

or dont... actually dont...cause youre gross.

public psa, if youre running windows 10, the pc updates gonna automatically check your stuff and try to upgrade you to 11

windows says its not forcing it but it waits in the updates

and of course they arent telling you unless you go looking..

thank fuck my hardware apparently isnt good enough (which seems like complete bullshit? i have a 12core processor and a 1660 that runs todays triple a)

oh lovely windows 11 advertisements on the boot splash. id rather rip out my heart through my foot you fucks...

*exasperating sigh at the stupid bullshit in my morning*

deliver me from fools and morons..

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