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hm, to move the desk n shit around or not

taking apart all the stuff put away cause its a mess and doing a complete reorganize

:ms_weed: mention 

big ass monitor + speakers + hulu

good times? sure...why not

pretty much already making up my mind about this day...and its one of those

"id like to return this please, no i dont have a receipt"

its not a good morning but its morning anyway


rainbow disco across mouse keyboard and mousepad?

cmon... please did you really have to ask... rainbow disco gay is a must

i did not realize the monitor would be this...big.. like im sitting at a theatre...

hooking up all the new peripherals on the current pc cause i just wanna play with my shinies

these are probably kobold feels

also got some of my packages waiting for two more but i cant help myself i must look at my new shinies

:ms_weed: mention, edibles 

now just to get kobold to mod beatsaber so him and i can play together

good MOOOOrning!

i missed doign this earlier cause im a silly bull. and cause ive been baking special brownies. teehee

wish me luck folks..

im hoping i get a slot to buy a 3060, thank gods for neweggs shuffle thing. its basically my only chance at nabbing one

and since i havent been pleasant the past few days with any good mornings


at least im getting used to towel wrapping my hair in habit before it gets truly shoulder length and beyond

whoo dont wanna stop but sweaty bull daddy

my nerves today are just shot...
all this anxiety...bleh

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