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Okay, here's a non-sarcastic : transmasc pansexual polyam shibe who sometimes does art. Joined site to try and conquer the anxiety around my own sexuality. @spoony is my bae. I have a comic!

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Sent an e-mail inquiry about top surgery.

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People who make a living on the internet complaining about thankless fans, health issues from hours of working at a desk, burnout, etc? Valid.
People who make a living on the internet complaining about how hard their job is like people aren't starving in soul-crushing jobs whereas you have your dream career taking instagram pics of pinecones or something? Bite me.

Today on Door promos things he likes, you should check out the YouTuber Li Ziqi (AKA 李子柒). I hesitate to call it a DIY channel? She appears to live on a farm in rural china and the channel consists of her making shit for the farm. A lot of the videos are food and cooking based, but she also sews, does carpentry, and even set up a washbasin by hand?? Anyway, have a super lowkey video of her making a silk quilt from silk worms for her grandma. It's incredibly soothing.

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