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Settling on in at the Yiff dot Life instance, which for some reason my brain keeps replacing with Dot Party

What is life but one big party, though? I'll slowly be migrating my presence over here, lulls in work allowing.

Thinkin more about that Steph stuff I've had done and on the one hand, its all a lot of the same theme.

But on the other hand it whips ass and if I'm gonna do the art equivalent of buying a giant ass tub of luxury ice cream, it might as well be my favorite flavor, right?

monsters-on-human pornography (bondage, mmf, dp) 

Which I guess means I should source more potential sources of art in various forms of Steph getting buttfucked by big mean minotaurs to keep my mind occupied

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Work saw us getting a contract with a company that wants a lot of super comprehensive and super extensive testing which is both great and also Ah Fuck because now probably about twice a week I'm going to be stuck doing a single test.

How much is the dlc to suck that virtual unicorn boyfriend's dick from retsuko

A dear friend said it was important to draw a new character's peepee, and that just reminded me that this guy is the very first non-warning page of my horny sketchbook.

Finishing up my break at work with cable tv playing and just saw an ad from Morningstar for a product line called IncogMEATo, with the tag line of "afraid you might like it?"

and this just might be the worst ad campaign for plant-based meat replacement I've ever seen. Their logo is GARBAGE

main mastodon down, now I gotta post my stupid shit here, like how I keep thinking about an online gaming group called "the doo doo boys squad"

a toot too stupid and gross for main 

Steph sex 

fox titty 

extremely cursed masturbator sleeve 

me over on Twitter: "I know there's a good chance that it'll show a real life friend that I liked these titty koopas that somebody drew but fuck it, they're really good titty koopas and life is short."

feeling extremely seen by going through some old email correspondence from 2015 where I was super nervously getting my very first commission and clarifying some details and her just going "Oh, I THOUGHT it was kind of weird that you didn't want anal!"

even back then

snake hypnosis and fox titties 

talking about how it just feels like certain furry things just end up going hand in hand, sometimes to the detriment of what you're looking for.

mainly I just wanna see someone get zonked out by snake hypnoses and maybe jack off some dicks without getting eaten. More power if you want that, it's just not for me.

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